Where to find parking at DTW Airport

With around 36 million passengers passing through annually, the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, more commonly called Detroit Metro Airport or DTW Airport, serves passengers traveling to and from Detroit, Michigan. With services to 30 international destinations and 39 states in the US, DTW Airport sees quite a bit of traffic most days. DTW airport is over 20 miles from downtown Detroit. This makes using a Lyft/Uber or asking friends or family to drop you off/pick you up at the airport highly impractical and inconvenient options to get to the airport. Although getting dropped off curbside at DTW is convenient, it is not exactly affordable, more so if there’s surge pricing. We’ve gathered a list of the parking options available for both DTW long- and short-term parking so that parking at DTW becomes easy for you.


Onsite parking at DTW Airport  

There are plenty of onsite parking spots at DTW Airport spread across the McNamara Parking Garage, the Green Lots, and the Big Blue Deck. Onsite parking at DTW includes short-term parking, long-term parking, and DTW valet parking. Short-term DTW Airport parking is available at the McNamara Parking Garage and the Big Blue Deck at prices of $4 for 30 mins, $6 for an hour, and so on, till it reaches the daily maximum fee of $38. Long-term DTW Airport parking is available in the McNamara Long-Term Parking Garage, Green Lots, and Big Blue Deck. The McNamara Long-Term Parking Garage costs $4 for 30 minutes of parking, $6 for one hour, and goes up to the daily maximum of $26. The Big Blue Deck Long Term Lot also costs $4 for 30 minutes, $6 for an hour, and goes up to $16/day. The Green Lots have flat daily parking rates of $14/day. Please note that the Green Lots are currently closed. 

Offsite parking at DTW Airport  

Onsite DTW Airport parking lots aren’t exactly cheap if we’re being honest! Furthermore, the Green Lots are far enough away from the terminals to require shuttle service. So, if you need parking for a few days or a longer period, you may want to consider parking near the airport instead of parking at DTW Airport. Offsite DTW Airport parking lots are way less costly than official lots. Being offsite lots, they are, obviously, a little farther away from the DTW airport. 

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However, this can actually be a factor favoring them rather than against them. You won’t get caught in a traffic block at the DTW parking lots. You don’t want to spend several hours sitting and waiting for cars to enter the DTW parking lots when you have a flight to catch, do you? Offsite DTW Airport parking lots are usually located a little farther away from the airport. Therefore, they are safe from the traffic snarls that often plague onsite DTW parking lots during peak travel times. You can quickly drive up to your offsite DTW lot, park your car, and board a shuttle that will whisk you to the Metro airport in around five minutes. Furthermore, several parking lots near Detroit Metro Airport have some fabulous value-for-money add-on services such as oil changes, car washes, and car detailing! 

Why choose offsite parking near DTW Airport 

It’s all about savings, folks! This is how it works – imagine you have to leave Detroit for a week or so. If you find a parking spot in one of the Green Lots (the most reasonably priced onsite DTW parking lot), you’ll end up paying $98 for a week of parking. Evaluate this against an offsite lot available on websites such as Way.com. Parking near DTW is accessible in offsite lots for about $6 per day (yes, you read that right). This is less than half the price of the ‘cheapest’ onsite DTW Airport parking lot! This averages out to a very reasonable $42 for a week’s parking. Even a Rideshare cab would cost you at least $90, not considering you’ll need to keep waiting to be picked up after an exhausting trip. Need more convincing? 

Well, there’s the fact that you’ll have a much wider range of choices if you opt to park near the airport instead of parking at DTW Airport? Way.com, for example, has over 10 parking lots to choose from, as opposed to the three official DTW Airport parking lots. Moreover, you will be able to compare DTW parking costs, amenities, and even user reviews before booking your DTW Airport parking space! Did we mention how secure the DTW Airport’s offsite parking lots are? Almost all of these lots have a gated entrance, video surveillance, and 24-hour security. 

Hotel parking near DTW Airport 

There are some hotels near DTW Airport that will let you park your car in their parking lots even if you haven’t booked a room with them. These hotels do not directly market or advertise their DTW parking facilities. So, it may be better to book through parking websites or mobile apps that allow you to book DTW Airport parking online. Hotel parking near DTW Airport starts at around $3.95 per day, particularly if you book ahead of time online. 

Why choose hotel parking at DTW Airport 

When you park in a DTW Airport hotel parking garage, you’ll be able to park your car at a premium hotel that’s located a short distance from the DTW airport. Typically, hotels take excellent care of their guests’ vehicles, so you don’t need to be worried about how safe your car is while you’re away. Also, if your flight into Detroit arrives at a very late hour and you don’t feel like driving all the way home, you can book a room here to catch up on your sleep. This holds true if you need to catch a flight out of Metro Airport in the early hours of the morning. You don’t need to arrive at your destination tired and sleepy when you can spend the night in a comfy hotel room near the airport. Most of these hotels give parking discounts to guests who book an overnight stay so that they can park, sleep, and fly from DTW Airport. Most airport hotels will offer free shuttle runs to DTW Airport 24/7 to provide you with a hassle-free parking experience. 

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DTW Airport Parking Tips 

Here’s few tips to make your parking at DTW Airport easy: 

  • Reserve your DTW Airport parking spot ahead of time – We strongly suggest that you reserve your DTW Airport parking space as soon as you purchase your plane ticket. This will help you in selecting the most affordable and best airport parking available at DTW. When the DTW Airport parking lots are depleted, demand will outstrip supply, causing prices to skyrocket. 
  • Park at offsite DTW lots to save time and money – No question – this is one of the simplest methods for obtaining cheap Detroit Metro Airport parking! Most of the offsite garages that have parking near DTW are just a few minutes away. They also offer a free DTW shuttle service, eliminating the need to park onsite. 
  • Don’t drive up; book online – Booking DTW Airport parking online is the most convenient way to get the best deal. Rather than driving up to a parking lot just to be turned away because it is full, book your guaranteed DTW Airport parking online whenever, wherever.