What is the Best Car Insurance Company in California?

You need car insurance to comply with California law and meet lender standards before driving off with a new car (if your vehicle is financed). Getting cheap car insurance in California depends on several factors, such as age, driving record, location, and how much coverage you need. This makes it very necessary for California drivers to take car insurance. Examining car insurance rates from many insurers will help you decide the rates and coverage that best suits your requirements.  

The California average premiums are slightly higher than the national average cost of full coverage auto insurance ($1680 a year). 

Cheap Car Insurance

California is home to almost 50 million residents, making it the nation’s most populous county. All these cars on the road provide a unique competition environment among insurers, and it is not easy to find the best insurance car in California. 

But we have navigated through the data and created a list of insurance providers that are best for most drivers in their lives at various times. We find that Progressive has relatively low prices and quick claims experience that are the best overall. While there are several quality automotive insurance providers in California, Progressive Insurance is the top one on the list.

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Suppose drivers were young, old, or with a history of DIUs and injury. In that case, certain automobile insurance firms have been offering lower-cost prices for some categories of drivers. Progressive still offers competitive rates. Additionally, Progressive provides excellent customer service and a nearly faultless framework for online insurance offers. It is also straightforward to file a lawsuit, and its app receives five stars. 

Progressive has invested in infrastructure for the streamlining of automobile insurance. It is much simpler using Progressive’s online resources that once were a nightmare. Before selecting one, drivers should be offered quotes from five or more automobile insurance providers, but Progressive should be on the list. Bear in mind that you will potentially reduce premiums over time if you participate in the progressive snapshot program. 

Here are the comparisons between the best car insurance companies (by share in the market) and the average annual total premium coverage of 2021. To determine best car insurance companies we factored in the following criteria: 

  • Interaction with customers 
  • Management of claims 
  • Offers of policy 
  • Pricing of policy 
  • Last but not the least overall satisfaction of customers 

Comparing car insurance rates may help compare costs, but considering the financial strength and success of a business may also be your focus since it demonstrates the willingness to repay potential claims. You can get cheap car insurance in California from the following companies: 


GEICO is a national insurance company that can deliver reasonably affordable rates (based on average annual premiums). With GEICO, you will find more benefits by combining your homeowners’ insurance with your car insurance. However, by taking other auto insurance rebates, like taking part in a road safety course, you can still save money. 


Besides quoted premiums among California’s lowest insurance rates, Progressive offers a full range of coverage options. Car insurance coverage with optional coverage such as PIP, gap insurance, and rental car Insurance can be expanded for drivers. Progressive provides rideshare coverage for drivers that need to drive for Uber or another rideshare business. 

State Farm 

State Farm provides drivers with a range of insurance offers, including homeowners and life insurance, beyond auto insurance.  

The insurance company has several local agents across the state to help you decide on California’s best auto insurance policy, which gives you financial security and peace of mind. Working with a local agent will give you greater confidence that you have the required coverage and help you decide which discounts. 


Wawanesa will attract many drivers from California, combined with competitive average annual rates. Its technological approach to insurance also distinguishes Wawanesa. California drivers can use its online platform to navigate quickly and transparent policies. 

The full range of benefits includes: 

  • Stand-alone reimbursements. 
  • Uninsured and under-insured motorist insurance. 
  • Coverage for substitute car manufacturers. 

For many car insurance shoppers, price is top of mind. For ten major car insurance firms in California, we have assessed average premiums for several drivers. As you can see, it is essential to compare shopping because the cheapest companies rely on your driving record and the number of insurance that you buy, among other factors. 

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Cheap car insurance in California for excellent drivers 

GEICO and Progressive are among the insurers we have evaluated as the cheapest companies in the state for safe drivers. Make sure you frequently request a review of your insurer’s discounts. 

Cheap car insurance in California for speeding tickets or accident 

If you have a speeding ticket, the cheaper companies in California are GEICO and CSAA (regional AAA insurer). If you have been in an accident, CSAA and GEICO would be the cheapest car insurance firms in California. California law states that if an injury, death, or property damage exceeds $1000, you must report an accident to the DMV. For three years, an accident will remain on your record.  

Cheap car insurance in California for minimum coverage limits 

Progressive and GEICO are the cheapest enterprises to purchase only minimum coverage limits in California. Be mindful of the financial trade-off, though you save money on the front: you do not have adequate insurance if an accident occurs. 

Tips to get affordable car insurance in California 

While average quota rates in California mean that the state is not the cheapest in car insurance, by shopping around and comparing quotations from many suppliers, drivers may be the lowest rates or best offers on the situation. There are two forms that you can find out about your case the right car insurance: 

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Evaluate the requirements: Premiums vary considerably between companies, and rates can vary depending on factors such as driving record, drive volume, unique ZIP code, and the vehicle’s make and model, as well as the coverage level that you want. Based on your coverage requirements, discount availability, and preferred consumer focus, one company’s prices will be more attractive than another for your shopping comparison. 

Take State requirements into account: California has the country’s largest population, and many of these car drivers are not covered (currently, over 15% of California’s car drivers have no insurance). You might also be more likely to sue for theft or vandalism than you do in other areas of the state or even the United States if you reside in a larger city, like Los Angeles or San Francisco. California living costs can also influence your financial planning and may vary in the coverage that you are looking for.