Cheapest Car Insurance Companies April 2021

Please keep in mind that the rates shown here are a simple average; your car insurance quotes can vary. It’s essential to keep in mind that our data does not cover all of the states where these car insurance companies do business and that your car insurance quotes may differ by state. Also, within the same state, different ZIP codes can have different rates. 

Now is also an excellent time to compare car insurance quotes. The experts with us reviewed car insurance quotes for drivers around the country to determine which best car insurance companies provide the best deals in each state. It is when you compare car insurance quotes you will get cheap car insurance for yourself. 

The national average representative rate is $1329, according to nine of the country’s largest auto insurance providers. However, since insurers use various customized data to set prices, it’s impossible to tell how much it will cost you precisely. 

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For 25-year-old men, the highest average rate is $1554, led by 25-year-old women, who have an average rate of $1494. For 35-year-olds, the premiums were $1284 for women and $1290 for men. 60-year-old women have the lowest national average rates, at $1158, and 60-year-old men have the highest, at $1197

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Your driving record plays a vital role in determining your auto insurance rates. Clean-record drivers have the lowest average rate in our sample, at $1329. The average rate rises significantly from there, depending on the seriousness of the infraction. A single speeding ticket increases the average rate to $1611, a single accident raises it to $1878, and a DUI raises it to $2118

Your credit score also influences the cost of your auto insurance. The cost of automobile insurance for drivers with good credit, which averaged $1314 across all major auto insurance firms in our report. The average study rate rises to $1578 with a fair credit score, a 20 percent improvement over the driver with a weak credit score. The average cost for a driver with a bad credit score is $2229, which is a whopping 70% higher than the average for a driver with a strong credit score. These figures demonstrate that having a solid credit history is essential in obtaining the best auto insurance rates. 

Since credit history is not allowed as a factor in calculating auto insurance rates in some states, data from California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts is not included in this portion of our study. 

The type or amount of car insurance coverage you select impacts your premiums, so we looked at how costs differed for different tiers of coverage. The average study rate for drivers with a low degree of coverage is $1257. The average rate rises to $1329 with medium coverage and $1398 with high coverage. 

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Although it may be tempting to save money on auto insurance by choosing a lower deductible, not providing enough coverage for your case can be a costly mistake if you need to contact customer service to file a claim.  

USAA provides the cheapest automobile insurance. Not all, however, are qualified for USAA. Did you know there is a slew of other low-cost auto insurance options? Even if you are qualified for USAA, you can shop around, and our study will show you how to do so. USAA is the cheapest car insurance provider in the country, with the lowest car insurance rates. Our study indicates an average premium of just $886 a year, a discount of about $237, or about 20%, compared to the next cheapest insurance provider in our study.  

For almost every driver demographic we looked at, USAA has the lowest premiums, and even though it wasn’t the absolute cheapest, it wasn’t any more costly than its cheaper competitor. However, since USAA is only open to service personnel and those with a military connection, these low rates are not available to all. 

GEICO is the second-cheapest car insurance provider, with an annual rate of $1107. While this is more expensive than USAA’s cost, it is still about 17% less expensive than the national average ($1329), according to our research. GEICO has some of the lowest rates, particularly for younger drivers. 

State Farm is the third cheapest car insurance firm. State Farm is about 12% less expensive than the national average, with an annual cost of $1179. State Farm is a perfect choice for people with poor driving records. For drivers with a speeding ticket or an accident, State Farm’s study rates are far below the national average, and it was the cheapest in our study for drivers with a DUI. 

With an annual premium of $1263, Travelers is the fourth cheapest car insurance provider in our list of the cheapest insurers. When compared to the national average, this represents a savings of around 5%.  

With an annual rate of $1290, Nationwide is the fifth cheapest car insurance provider in our report. The annual rate is less than the national average, though the difference is just around 3%. Nationwide comes in below or near the average for most drivers, but it is one of the more expensive choices for DUI drivers. 

Progressive is another one of the cheapest car insurance companies. It is around 1% more costly than the national average, with a study cost of $1341. Progressive’s rates are pretty similar to the average for most of the driver profiles. On the other hand, Progressive is significantly more expensive than the national average for 25-year-old drivers and drivers with one crash, while being one of the cheapest companies in our report for drivers with a DUI. 

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The average rate for an American Family is $1461. That’s a significant increase over Progressive’s pace, and it’s about 10% higher than the national average. We analyzed every demographic group with higher than average rates with this business, with two notable exceptions: drivers with one accident and drivers with a DUI should consider American Family because their rates are below average. 

The annual average cost of Farmers is $1641 is around 24% higher than the national average. Farmers outperform the national average in every driver demographic and archetype we looked at, sometimes by several hundred dollars or more. 

With an estimated premium cost of $1797, Allstate is the most expensive auto insurance provider in our annual rankings. This is 35% higher than the national average, as calculated by our research. Allstate is one of the most expensive insurance companies for any driver archetype, and it’s exceptionally costly for drivers under the age of 25.