3 Things You Must Do Before Booking DIA Parking

With its vantage point near the great Rocky Mountains, the Denver International Airport in Colorado is as important as it gets for connectivity in the western United States. It is part of the Front Range Urban Corridor, a continuously urban area following the southern Rockies. It is the fifth busiest airport in the country, serving 70 million passengers every year and counting. Another prominent feature that sets the airport apart is that it is the second-largest in the world by area – almost one and a half times the size of Manhattan! 

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A majority of the footfall through the airport has to do with tourism and commercial enterprises. All this leads to a heavy demand for DIA parking spaces in the airport. Residents often go on short or long-term trips after leaving their vehicles in the on-site DIA parking lots. But the sheer volume of passengers often means that several customers end up driving around the lots for quite a while until they get their desired places. Even when you do find a DIA parking spot, it may not necessarily be safe, as your car could be scratched or dented by careless drivers. 

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To ensure you stay ahead and get a safe and affordable DIA parking spot, you need to follow a straightforward checklist. Though it may look basic, not many people follow it, which is why you have so many complaints about DIA parking! Stick to this tried and tested information, and we guarantee you will land a comfortable DIA parking spot like it’s a cinch!

1. Know what kinds of DIA parking are offered and at what lots

Most people don’t do their due diligence when it comes to DIA parking – they just drive up to the airport and think they can wing it! We can guarantee that that’s the worst way to go about getting a parking spot. Every hour or day you park there is an added burden on your wallet, so don’t get lazy when doing your research! 

Denver Airport has four main on-site lots where you can park:

  • Garage Parking lot 
  • Economy Parking lot 
  • Short-Term Parking lot 
  • 61st and Pena Parking lot.  

The facilities and amenities vary based on where you choose to park and also whether you choose long-term or short-term parking.  

2. Short-term DIA Parking

Some trips don’t take you away from home for long – they usually wrap up within 24 hours. Think trips like a family emergency, a short business trip, or a quick round trip to see a friend or loved one. The good thing about short-term DIA parking is that you only need to pay by the hour.  

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 Short-term DIA Parking is available in the two lots mentioned below. 

DIA Airport Parking Lot  DIA Airport Parking Rate 
Garage Lot $5/hour 
Economy Lot $5/hour 
Short-term Lot $6/hour 
61st and Pena Lot $3/12 hours 

3. Long-term DIA Parking 

Sometimes, certain trips can keep you away from home longer than expected. In such a situation, we would suggest going for long-term DIA parking options.  The reasons for a long-term trip could be anything – a long vacation or a week-long work/travel trip. Since you pay a flat rate for long-term DIA parking, it is more convenient than calculating an hourly rate. It’s available in two different lots. 

DIA Parking Lot  DIA Parking Rate 
Garage Lot $28/day  
Economy Lot $17/day 
Short-term Lot $144/day 
61st and Pena Lot $6/day 

Of course, these rates might still seem steep for a layman. If you’re alright with parking near DIA Airport, you can get cheaper spots at nearby off-site parking lots. These lots are usually within walking distance of the airport and often have shuttle service. Websites like Way.com and the Way app help you search for and find cheap airport hotel parking spots in the vicinity. Most of these off-site parking lots also have free shuttle service, saving you the trouble of DIA parking. 

4. Be on the lookout for cheaper off-site DIA Parking options

Proximity always has a price – what this means is that the closer your parking lot is to the Denver Airport, the more you’ll end up paying. This is why parking at Denver Airport is way more expensive than parking near Denver Airport. In reality, you don’t need to park right next to the airport to save time. Parking a little away from Denver Airport can help you avoid the usual long lines and congestion that usually plagues the official lots.   

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If you prefer hotel parking lots near the airport, DIA parking can be very affordable. Several Denver Airport hotels will let you park in their lots even if you haven’t reserved a spot. These hotel parking lots are well-kept and safe, and there are free Denver airport shuttles available. Some hotels also combine an overnight stay with extended Denver Airport long-term parking. This is especially useful if you live a long distance from the airport and your flight departs in the early morning or arrives late at night. The way we see it, this could be the perfect solution to your ‘red-eye’ flight troubles! While you’re away, you can even choose to have your car fine-tuned using the services on offer like car washes, oil changes, detailing, and more! 

Booking an off-site DIA parking spot is easy – all you need is to use websites or apps like Way.com and have a reserved parking spot in a matter of minutes. They have safe, accessible, and contactless booking that can get you a parking spot in a snap!  

Leave home early to beat rush hour traffic

DIA International Airport is 25 miles from downtown Denver. That can be quite a journey, especially when you consider delays caused by unforeseen events. On a good day, the travel will take around 40-45 minutes if you drive at an average speed. But always be prepared for any delays or diversions – you could get caught in traffic during rush hour or may have to take a detour if there’s construction somewhere along the way. It’s best to start for the airport one and a half hours before you have to be there – better to be safe than sorry! 

Other tips for DIA parking 
  • DIA Airport is located at the following address: 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249, USA. 
  • Parking coupons are often available for DIA parking and can be accessed through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates. 
  • There is free DIA parking in the Cell Phone Lot. You can park and wait here if you are picking up passengers from the airport. 
  • In case you need assistance for any issue such as vehicle lock-or security, customers may call for emergency assistance at (303) 342-4083 or (303) 342-7275.