5 Tips for Finding Cheap San Diego Airport Parking

If you are flying into or out of San Diego, ‘America’s Finest City,’ you’ll be passing through the San Diego International Airport. The San Diego International Airport (formerly known as Lindbergh Field) is the busiest single runway airport in the world! Approximately 25 million passengers travel through the San Diego airport each year. With these numbers of passengers, it’s no wonder that San Diego Airport parking lots are notorious for traffic snarls!

The other problem that arises from the considerable traffic volume is that San Diego often runs out of airport parking spaces! Finding a San Diego Airport parking spot that won’t bust the bank can be quite a pain. We have you covered, though! We’re letting you in on some guaranteed tips to find the best San Diego Airport parking rates and save some dollars while you’re at it. 

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1. Book Your San Diego Airport parking spot ahead 

This is the quickest and most reliable way to find cheap San Diego Airport parking. For example, demand for parking spaces at San Diego International Airport goes high during the peak travel season. Because of increased demand, San Diego Airport parking prices will rise, rendering airport parking in San Diego an expensive proposition. If you need to leave San Diego for a few days, you should book your San Diego Airport parking spot as soon as you book your plane tickets. Most parking lots near San Diego have bulk booking discounts and advance booking discounts that will help you save money if you book early enough.

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2. Parking in the San Diego airport is expensive 

The general rule is that the closer your parking lot is to the San Diego Airport, the more you’ll have to pay. This is why parking at San Diego International Airport is significantly more costly than parking outside San Diego. While parking at the onsite San Diego parking lots does provide convenient access to the airport terminals, it costs a whopping $32 a day! 

This means if you’re going to be away for a week, you’ll end up paying $224 for SAN parking. You don’t need to park right next to the airport to save time because most offsite airport parking lots provide free shuttle bus transportation to and from San Diego. Parking a little further away would allow you to escape the crowds and congestion near the official lots. 

3. Offsite parking near San Diego is always cheaper 

This is applicable to both long-term and short-term parking in San Diego. Offsite parking at San Diego Airport is mostly available a little farther away from the airport and is, therefore, less expensive. For example, onsite long-term San Diego Airport parking in either of the Terminal Parking lots will set you back at least $32/day! Compare this to the offsite lots, which have almost identical parking facilities as well as a free San Diego airport shuttle for about $10/day! 

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Here are the facts: during peak hours, San Diego Airport parking lots can become very busy and run out of spaces. Furthermore, airport parking in San Diego is usually much more limited in terms of parking choices and amenities. Offsite San Diego Airport parking lots, on the other hand, have more parking spaces and are much less crowded. This means you won’t be stuck behind a line of cars before or after landing. Valet parking is available at some offsite San Diego Airport parking lots, which is a very convenient choice, particularly if you are in a bit of a rush. If you want San Diego valet parking, you can pull up, get your bags, leave your car with the valet, and walk straight into the terminal. Several offsite airport parking lots also have add-on facilities such as car washing and detailing, allowing you to return to a spotless car upon arrival. The majority of offsite San Diego Airport parking lots have 24-hour video monitoring, gated access, secure fencing, and security staff on duty at all times. 

4. Research before you book San Diego Airport parking 

Spend some time investigating your San Diego Airport parking choices, whether they are San Diego short-term or San Diego long-term. Compare the rates provided by different lots, their distance from the San Diego Airport, and whether or not they have shuttle service to San Diego. You can also look into the discounts, seasonal deals, and amenities/services provided by various online airport parking providers. Don’t forget that San Diego Airport parking fees vary depending on the season and demand.

Websites like Way.com make it easy to have all of this information at your fingertips. You will also see all current promotions and discounts, as well as the number of parking spaces available at each parking lot near San Diego Airport. The website even has some pretty good deals on San Diego hourly parking. 

5. Look for hotels that offer parking near San Diego Airport 

San Diego Airport parking can be very cost-effective if you chose to park at nearby hotels. Several San Diego airport hotels will allow you to park in their lots even if you do not have a hotel reservation. Hotel parking lots are typically well-kept, safe, and offer free airport shuttles (some even run 24 hours a day). You may also combine an overnight stay with extended San Diego long-term parking. This is especially useful if you live a long distance from the airport and your flight departs early in the morning or returns late at night. On the Way.com website, you can find a plethora of hotels that have airport parking in San Diego.  

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Some more San Diego Airport parking tips  

  • Do a Google search for San Diego Airport parking coupons. You should also look for discounts and sales on voucher websites like Groupon. This is a really cool way to save money on parking in San Diego – both at the airport and near San Diego Airport. 
  • Read everything you can about San Diego airport parking and parking choices to become well-versed in everything you need to know about parking at San Diego Airport. 
  • It’s challenging to find free street parking in San Diego. Resist the urge to park on the side of the roads around San Diego Airport – you’ll most likely return to find a San Diego parking ticket tucked securely under your wipers!