Top Tips to Find the Best Parking in NYC

Are you looking for the best parking in NYC? Affordable and convenient parking options are available close to all major attractions, neighborhoods, and shopping centers in the city. Here’s how to find them.  

NYC Parking isn’t something you gamble with – it could be downright frustrating for a first-time visitor. New Yorkers aren’t better off either; you might think you’ve got it all figured out until an expensive parking ticket throws you a curveball. NYC DOT (New York City Department of Transportation) rarely misses a parking violation. Alternate Side Parking (ASP), blocked driveways or hydrants, No Standing zones, and double parking are the usual suspects; you should be wary of time restrictions, permit requirements, and keeping registration or inspection stickers visible too.   

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Avoiding an NYC parking ticket isn’t the real challenge – what leads to most of these violations is the constant shortage of parking space in the city. NYC can’t seem to shake off its reputation as one of the worst cities to find parking in the U.S. A lot of effort goes into improving this situation; NYC parking garages are mushrooming in almost every borough, alongside plenty of free street parking spots. However, the addition of new parking spaces is yet to catch up with the demand.  

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Street parking in NYC is plentiful, with many spots available free of charge too – but finding an empty street parking spot in New York City is not always an easy task. Even if time limits and other restrictions do not bother you, trying to park your car on NYC streets requires a lot of patience. On the other hand, NYC parking garages are more convenient, but the hefty rates could put you off. The question is – Is it better to pay $65 for a parking ticket or get a secure parking space for $50? A premium NYC parking garage can assure the safety of your car; choose a garage that has the latest amenities – contacts-free parking, camera surveillance, in-and-out privileges, etc.  

Many people think that finding cheap parking in NYC is impossible, but there are a few tricks that you can use to get affordable NYC parking at the best rates. The easiest way is to pre-book your parking space online – use NYC parking apps or websites like to search for parking garages near your destination and compare rates. Besides, you can find out about the amenities offered at each parking lot and get access to exclusive offers for discounted rates. Reserved parking is always cheaper than paying at the gate – make sure to look for early-bird discounts when you reserve parking in advance.   

Now that we have the basics down let’s find out if NYC can play nice and make parking a bit easier in at least some of its popular neighborhoods. Here’s where you can find the best parking in NYC:  

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Best Places to Park in Brooklyn, New York  

In Brooklyn, everything is booming – an independent art scene, new-age start-ups, and even the demand for parking spaces. The most populous NYC borough has plenty of parking space, but some Brooklyn neighborhoods should come with a warning for drivers. DoBro’s constant commercial hustle and bustle keeps the parking meters running and the lots full any time of the day. But Downtown Brooklyn also has some of the best parking garages in the borough – secure and conveniently located close to frequently visited places. Booking your garage space in advance guarantees the best parking experience in Brooklyn.  

Bedford-Stuyvesant is a great place to look for parking near Broadway and Flushing Avenue. Street parking outside the Victorian Brownstones is relatively safe, and you can always bank on the secure parking garages here. A low car ownership rate and easy access to public transit contribute to the ease of parking in this neighborhood. Prospect Park is an excellent choice for parking near the Brooklyn Museum, Grand Army Plaza, and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The suburbs are always best for parking in NYC – but it’s safe to stay off the streets in places like Brownsville and East New York. Residential neighborhoods like Dyker Heights have homes with driveways, which keep most cars off the tree-lined streets and make it easier for visitors to find parking.   

Best Places to Park in Manhattan New York  

The gap between parking space demand and parking space availability is the widest in Manhattan – the rampant double-parking violations are enough proof. Most people do not have the time or patience to look for an empty street parking space and end up risking a parking ticket. The smarter ones book their NYC parking garage space in advance to avoid the hassles of street parking and ensure their vehicle’s safety. Besides, you can save more money by avoiding an NYC parking ticket than looking for cheap parking in Manhattan. However, that doesn’t mean there are no affordable options – book your parking spot online and get the lowest rates at NYC’s top garages.   

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Upper West Side has some of the safest and best parking in Manhattan – there are plenty of parking lots with the latest amenities near Central Park. Battery Park City, Washington Heights, and Marble Hill also promises a fantastic parking experience. As for the busier parts of Manhattan, the only way to get the best parking is to stay ahead of the game and play smart. Book online, book early, and arrive early to get the best parking spots near any of NYC’s world-famous neighborhoods and attractions.  

The sure-shot way to find the best parking in NYC is to search for affordable parking garages near your destination. It’s cheaper to spend on a secure parking space than splurging on cabs or risking a parking ticket by relying on unpredictable street parking. Booking your parking spot ahead of your visit will also save you a ton of time – no one enjoys driving around in circles looking for a parking spot or paying expensive drive-up rates at NYC parking garages.