20 Facebook Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2021

As the most established and broadest social media network around the globe, Facebook brags a stunning number of almost 2.8 billion month-to-month dynamic clients.

While making a successful Facebook advertising system, brands should initially comprehend who is on the stage and how they’re utilizing it. Here are 2- Facebook stats that are important for every marketer in 2021:

Clients ages 25–34 years are the biggest segment

In the range of worldwide Facebook clients, 19.3% were male clients somewhere in the range of 25 and 34 years of age and 13.1% were female clients in a similar age range. While Facebook clients can be found at all ages, 72.8% are inside the 18–44 years of age range

India has the most measure of Facebook clients on the planet

Reference chart measurement: Leading nations dependent on Facebook crowd size as of October 2020 Statistics. Among nations with Facebook clients, India has the biggest number of clients with 310 million active users. It isn’t so firmly followed by the U.S. with 190 million ratios and Indonesia with 140 million ratios. Be that as it may, as should be obvious, worldwide utilization dispersion isn’t restricted to the U.S., which is uplifting news for global organizations or brands who are thinking about a global extension.

86% of web clients with $100k+ pay use Facebook

The spreading of web clients utilizing Facebook is generally comparable among all U.S. family pay levels. The most minimal rate is 81% off $60–$70k workers and the most elevated is 88% off $30–$60k workers. For promoters, this is uplifting news since it implies that your custom-made advertisements can target diverse pay levels without agonizing over a low objective tally.

Facebook uses insights

While it’s acceptable to understand what the essential socioeconomics are for Facebook clients, it’s additionally critical to take note of how these individuals utilize the stage. How regularly do they check Facebook and what do they use to get to it? Realizing both can help tailor your substance type.

2.79 billion individuals universally use Facebook

As the most-utilized social media platform on the planet, Facebook brags a worldwide number of 2.79 billion clients. Inside the U.S., this number is raised from 228.6 million presently to 237.8 million by 2025. The projected number involves 69.1% of the U.S. population.

Facebook clients only utilize portable device to get to Facebook

Among its numerous clients, 98.3% of them got to Facebook using any sort of cell phone, and 79.9% of clients just utilized versatile. This is especially significant for organizations that have Facebook Pages. While creating Facebook promotions and posts on the work area site, you need to guarantee that they look great on portable devices, as well.

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73% of U.S. Facebook clients sign in day by day

A lot of individuals who use Facebook sign in consistently. Consistently, the number increments to 93% of clients. Login frequencies can influence how regularly you run your advertisements and make brand posts.

36% of Americans get their report from Facebook

When studied about their news sources, 53% of Americans say they get it “regularly” or “once in a while” using online media locales, with Facebook at the first spot on the list.

57% of U.S. web-based media clients use Facebook

In the month of February 2019 Statista report on what U.S. web-based media clients do on the organizations, it was tracked down that 65% of them use Facebook to see photographs

Facebook is as yet an individual systems administration site, however. Of the relative multitude of organizations, it positioned the most noteworthy being used of imparting substance to everybody (57%). This is firmly trailed by 46% of clients watching recordings and 43% sharing substance balanced.

The most noteworthy commitment time on Facebook is Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Through client information, Sprout has distinguished the best time to post on every interpersonal organization. But since 2020 some huge utilization changes that are required to remain for 2021, the best time for commitment have been refreshed.

The normal commitment rate per Facebook post is 0.27%

In a recent report, it was tracked down that the normal commitment rate per Facebook post across all businesses was 0.27%.

66% of Facebook clients visit a competitor business Page week after week

Across every one of the nations that Facebook clients are in, 66% of them report visiting the Page of a competitor business at any rate once per week. Ensure that your business’s Facebook Page is refreshed with your most recent data
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Facebook promotion details

Facebook advancements are the jam and bread of the association’s advantages. This advertisement earns Facebook a very huge part of their profits. Additionally, these days, it takes more than a flawless picture and sharp copy to make a huge Facebook commercial methodology. Use these subtleties to help your understanding of Facebook ads.

Facebook’s complete promotion income is $20.7 billion

In a 2020 Q4 profit call, Facebook uncovered that its complete promoting income was $20.7 billion. The organization recorded a 25% year-over-year development in this income stream. Some theorized that the worldwide pandemic moved numerous retailers to zero in on the online space, subsequently expanding their Facebook promotion spending.

The normal Facebook CPM is $5.31 and CPC is $0.43

Across all coordinates that are open in Facebook’s Ads Manager, the typical cost per thousand (CPM) is $5.31. This number reliably rose through 2020. For the typical cost per click (CPC), in any case, the number remained decently stable at $0.43

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Facebook has the most promotions and most noteworthy CTR

Facebook Ads Manager offers four diverse promotion situations: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. Of these four, Facebook overwhelmed at 45.2% of promotions, inclination all things considered. The active clicking factor (CTR) on Facebook is 3.90%, a lot higher than the following arrangement of Audience Network at 0.99%.

Status advertisement imaginative sort has the most elevated CTR

Among all of the imaginative sorts open in Facebook advancements, status promotions have the most raised CTR of 6.65%. This is a little bewildering, given that video ($157.15) and share ($146.16) have the two most significant typical spends. Status advancements are averaging only $58.27 in promotion spends.

Facebook highlights details 

Facebook has a wide scope of features from Groups to accounts. There are various to screen two or three these features are significantly pertinent for brands. On the off chance that you’re expecting to endeavor a substitute procedure in your Facebook publicizing framework, here are a few subtleties to make you go.

More than 1.4 billion individuals are utilizing Facebook Groups each month

With rules that advised against the face-to-face get-togethers, individuals searched for additional approaches to remain associated than over. In its yearly Communities Summit, Facebook uncovered that a dazzling 1.4 billion individuals are utilizing Facebook Groups consistently. Because of this ascent in Group use, the social stage uncovered a few new highlights to make Group posting and administrator checking simpler than at any other time.

26% of Facebook Group clients’ essential gathering is around an interest or action

It’s nothing unexpected that people’s utilization expanded during the pandemic time. In another overview, Facebook tracked down that 26% of clients’ essential Group is working around an interest. That equivalent overview noticed that 86% of Facebook Group clients whose gatherings are fundamentally online will keep participating in their gathering at either a similar level (48%) or all the more as often as possible (39%).

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15% of all Facebook content is based on video

Among Live and local recordings, video content added up to all substance on the organization. In 2020, the greater part of this video content (71%) is distributed by Pages with over 100k fans.

Vertical recordings produce the most noteworthy commitment rate

Between scenes, square and vertical designs, vertical victories out on the most critical typical responsibility speed of 0.35%.


Now Facebook has more followers than earlier. Its associates’ huge people like to use Facebook in their free time. As the most-used online media stage in the world, reason can’t resist believing that Facebook should be near the primary spot on your rundown.

Facebook stats ratio shows that there are so many people who connect with the Facebook connection. If you’re followed on the most capable technique to fabricate your picture’s responsibility, explore these designs to help your Facebook responsibility.

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