5 things you must do before booking parking at Cleveland Airport

Serving the Greater Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio area, the Cleveland Airport occupies an important position in the Midwestern US. It serves nearly 7 million passengers every year and is easily one of the country’s busiest airports. It is especially important for connectivity in the Great Lakes region and flights to Canada. 

Cleveland is also a prominent tourist attraction, primarily because of its cultural and historical importance. This means there are many thousands of passengers flying into and out of Cleveland Airport every day. Because of the heavy footfall, finding parking at Cleveland Airport is increasingly becoming a difficult task. Though the airport does have on-site parking lots, the spots there can be snapped up quickly, especially in high-demand seasons. And we haven’t even mentioned that sometimes the rates could be increased to reflect the increased demand! 

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What can you do to see that you don’t end up having to drive around the airport parking lots looking for spots? Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve listed down everything you need to know about finding parking at Cleveland Airport. Once you’re familiar with it, you can beat out the competitors, avoid high parking rates, and find cheap parking at Cleveland Airport like it’s a cinch! 

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1. Review the different lots for parking at Cleveland Airport 

There are different parking lots which you can opt for, depending on how long you want to park at the airport. The six lots are: CLE Smart parking garage, Red Lot, Blue Lot, Orange Lot, Brown Lot, and Curbside Valet. The amenities and facilities on offer differ based on where you choose to park. The costliest parking is at the Valet lot, which will cost you $30/day and the cheapest is at the Brown lot for $11/day. 

We’ve simplified it for you below so that you can make the best possible choice from the lots on offer. 

2. Choose between long-term or short-term parking at Cleveland airport 

We would advise you to choose short-term parking at Cleveland Airport if your trip is less than 24 hours long. This could be for a personal emergency, an urgent business trip, or a short round trip. The benefit of short-term parking is that you only need to pay based on the number of hours you park. Short-term parking at Cleveland airport is only offered at two lots: The CLE Smart Parking Garage will cost you $5 for the first three hours, after which you have to pay the daily maximum. The Curbside Valet lot start at $9 for 0-30 minutes, $12 for 30-60 minutes, and $15 for up to three hours. 

Long-term parking at Cleveland airport is best for trips that are longer than a day. These could be business trips of 3-4 days or week-long trips for work/leisure. Long-term parking at Cleveland Airport is slightly cheaper because you are charged a flat daily rate only. The Brown Lot is the cheapest at $11/day, followed by Orange Lot at $15/day, Blue Lot at $16/day, Red Lot at $18/day, and the CLE Smart Parking Garage at $20/day. The costliest rate is for the Curbside Valet parking at $30/day. 

There’s also a more convenient option – offsite parking near the airport. You can find many cheap and safe lots using websites like Way.com and the Way app. Most of these off-site lots also offer free shuttle, saving you the hassle of parking at CLE airport. 

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3. Compare the costs of on-site vs. off-siteparkingat Cleveland Airport 

You may have noted the high on-site rates for parking at Cleveland Airport. You may be wondering if parking at the airport still costs an arm and a leg! If you’re willing to park outside the airport rather than at the airport, there’s a better choice right around the corner. Parking off-site can be as low as $4 a day!  

Yes, there are several off-site parking lots only a short distance from the airport that provide significantly lower parking rates. These lots are owned by airport hotels near CLE airport and can afford to give you discounted parking rates of up to 60% off. While on-site parking at CLE airport starts at $11/day, off-site parking can be as low as $4/day! Additionally, they provide facilities such as car washes, oil changes, detailing, and more. 

4. Check for cheaper airport hotel parking deals nearby 

If you have a late-night or early-morning flight to catch – also known as a “red-eye” flight – off-site parking is extremely convenient. Many airport hotels sell packages in which you can park your car for dirt-cheap rates and even book a room for the night if you so desire. It would be easier for you to relax and catch your flight on time.  

You can book a spot in a matter of minutes using websites or apps like Way.com at heavily discounted rates. They offer safe, affordable, and contactless booking, which can get you a parking spot in just a couple of minutes! Even if you are not staying at one of the airport hotels, you can park there at heavily slashed rates. This choice is an utter steal since complimentary shuttle services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

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5. Leave home early to beat rush hour traffic 

The distance between downtown Cleveland and Cleveland International Airport is slightly more than 11 miles. The journey will take you about 30 minutes to complete at an average speed. However, unexpected delays can lengthen your journey, particularly if you leave during rush hour or if the highway is under construction and traffic is diverted. Start a good one hour before you have to be at the airport, to be on the safe side. 

Other tips for Cleveland Airport Parking
  • Cleveland Airport is located at the following address: 5300 Riverside Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135, United States. 
  • Parking coupons are often available for parking at CLE and can be availed through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates. 
  • There is free parking at Cleveland Airport in the Cell Phone Lot. You can park and wait here if you are picking up passengers from the airport. 
  • In case you need assistance for any issue such as vehicle lock-or security, customers may call for emergency assistance at 216-267-5030.