The Biotech Trends of 2021 Dictating the New Wave of Innovation and Change

‘Change’ is constant – this is something we have learned in textbooks and have experienced in our lives. One thing that has seen global progression and change is technological change, advancements, and progression. There hasn’t been any industry in this heavily tech-infused world that the technological developments have not disrupted. Among the many industries that have seen exponential growth with the assistance of technology is biotech.

Speaking of change, biotechnology itself, after the integration of cutting-edge technology, has seen constant change. With scientific discoveries, research, tech improvements, and experimentation – much that once was just imagination or fiction has become a possibility – including stem cell therapy, gene therapy, and the likes – although still under experimentation – but very much happening.

Taking a more tangible example of the things that were not possible in the past would be the survival chances of premature babies, which was quite slim. With the help of biotechnology, extensive research, and experimentation, there are high-tech NICUs worldwide.

Biotech, an extension of life sciences, has progressed tremendously over the years and in the right direction, which is excellent news for not just human beings but also all living organisms. Biotechnology and life sciences are concerned with improving the quality of life of all organisms – this wraps up human health-related research to environmental factors.

Coming to the trends that are shaping the Biotechnology Industry include several technologies, some of which we will discuss below:

Biotechnology Trends of 2021

1. Personalized Medicine

Since the research industry is becoming more advanced with improved discoveries, experimentations, trials, and development – one of the best things to come out of is personalized medicine and treatments. In our fight against diseases, including health pandemics, the need to find genetic disease treatments and solutions based on human DNA has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

When personalized medicine becomes common, the longstanding diseases like down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and others.

2. Progress and Improvements in Drug Research

One of the largest trends concerning biotech that has been observed in 2020 and 2021 is that of continued and consistent improvements within the research and development of the drug. The technological advancements have really pushed the objectives further in a more refined fashion.

The possibilities of improving and assessing the diagnosis of tricky diseases have become high. Take telehealth as an example where technology and medicine come together in perfect harmony – bridging the gap, time, and space – allowing people to access healthcare from the comforts of their home.

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Not only this, with the help of wearable tech, mass data gathering for further research and development has become more comfortable, faster, and more reliable. This easy data gathering has enabled better and more accurate diagnosis and a better understanding of people’s health. Take the current pandemic, for example.

To understand how coronavirus is spreading, behaving, and affecting the world at large – there was a severe need to gather extensive data sets of the COVID-positive patients. The technology and devices including COVID tracking mobile applications

3. Research Field Has Become Actively Popular

With the continued improvement and progress on the research and development side of drug and medication, more and more researchers are now focusing themselves in the line of life sciences field like genetics, immunotherapy, and more.

Technology has been the main driver behind any kind of research, and this is why, even the ones concerning the precision surgery are considering the onboarding of robotics for improved and accurate surgical procedure. Not only robotics, but the integration of AI has great potential in self-learning and suggesting the possible diagnosis by learning past data.

4. Increase in Digital Assessment Diagnosis and Treatments

The digital revolution and transformation has placed the world in full speed ahead. Biotech has become more accessible to the concerned communities like that of the scientists. Moreover, the digitization and incorporation of technology along with data sharing through cloud solutions has made it possible for remote diagnostics and assessments.

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With the pandemic underway, remote assessments and doctor consultation has become even more necessary. With the help of the right apps, devices, and software, the physicians, medical consultants, and qualified doctors can now provide their services from anywhere and anytime.

Telehealth has pushed the global medical digitization even further that only bears great news for the masses. Telepractices has seen a great growth in the biotech world.

5. Cloud Data Management and Communication

As we have discussed earlier that the cloud storage and access has enabled worldwide scientific communities to collaborate on more than one project without having to travel and move. The cloud development arena has changed the game for all industries and biotech has been receiving several benefits – one of many includes the ease of access to data, sharing of data, and analysis of data without having to wait for weeks and in some cases months.

6. Faster Approval of New Drugs

In the past, critical medications and new drugs took a long time to be approved by the FDA. Now, with technological advancements, the new and improved drugs can be approved by the government bodies more quickly. Observing that the timelines of the testing and trials of the new medication has been reduced considerably, this reason has enabled the government bodies to approve quicker.

7. Increased Focus on Immune Cell Function

The current pandemic has been enough to make us re-think about the immunity of our bodies and how to strengthen it. Biotech branch of life sciences has taken it upon themselves to work on the immune cell function to further strengthen it to fight against any harmful diseases. In case of neglecting such need would have resulted in catastrophic cases of many diseases spreading, not just COVID.

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It is the steadfastness and expertise of the life sciences industry and the life sciences consulting companies that are working under the shadows to ensure that the firms, labs, and communities concerning biotech receive the best consultation regarding all their concerns – that has enabled faster developments of anti-COVID vaccine.

The prompt response to the global scare and loss by the biotech firms has shown the immense potential biotechnology has and the massive role they are to play in the best survival of all living organisms, particularly humans.

By William Patrick Slattery, the President, and CEO of Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors, a life sciences consulting firm. He is regarded as one of the top marketing experts in the Life Sciences industry noted for combining a calm demeanor with a shrewd negotiation skill set that allows for navigating the most challenging business environments on behalf of his client firms.