Where to find parking at IAH Airport

With over five terminals and more than 45.3 million passengers, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, or IAH Aiport in Houston, Texas, is one of the busiest airports in the United States. With over 700 planes taking off in a day, IAH Aiport sees quite a bit of footfall most days. With the airport approximately 23 miles from downtown, getting to and from IAH Airport can be challenging. And while you can use a rideshare service or ask friends or family to drop you off/pick you up at the airport, these are not the most convenient choices. Although getting dropped off curbside at IAH is convenient, it is not for everyone, particularly given surge pricing and distance from the city. We’ve collected a list of the parking options available for both IAH long- and short-term parking so that parking at IAH becomes easy for you.  

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Onsite IAH Airport parking lots 

There are thousands of onsite parking spots at IAH Airport spread across four lots. Onsite parking at IAH includes short-term parking and long-term parking. Short-term IAH Airport parking is available at the Ecopark Covered and Ecopark Uncovered parking lots for $6 an hour and $5. Parking at Ecopark 2 costs $5/hour. Long-term IAH Airport parking is available in the Terminal Parking lot for $15/day, Ecopark Covered for $8/day, Ecopark Uncovered for $6/day, Ecopark 2 for $7/day, and the Valet Parking lot for $28/day.  

Offsite IAH Airport parking lots 

Onsite IAH Airport parking lots aren’t exactly cheap, to be honest! Furthermore, the Ecopark lots are far enough away from the terminals to necessitate shuttle service. So, if you’ll need parking for a few days or more, you may want to look into offsite parking near IAH Airport. Offsite IAH Airport parking lots are usually much less costly than official lots. Yeah, they are, admittedly, a little farther away from the IAH airport. 

Nonetheless, this can work in their favor rather than against them. You won’t find yourself caught in a traffic snarl at the airport. You don’t want to spend hours sitting and waiting for cars to enter the lot just before boarding a flight, do you? Offsite IAH Airport parking lots are usually located a little farther away from the airport. They are not subject to the congestion that can occur during peak travel times. You can quickly drive up, park your car, and board a shuttle that will take you to the airport in less than 10 minutes. Furthermore, several parking lots near IAH have some pretty exciting add-on solutions such as valet services, oil changes, car washes, and car detailing! 

Why choose offsite parking near IAH 

It’s always about the money! Here’s how it works: imagine you have to leave town for a week. And if you find a space in one of the Ecopark Lots (which appear to fill up quickly! ), you’ll end up paying $56 for a week of parking. Compare this to an offsite lot available on websites such as Way.com. Parking near IAH is accessible in offsite lots for about $3 per day (yes, you read that right). This is less than half the price of the ‘cheaper’ onsite IAH Airport parking lot! This averages out to a very reasonable $21 for a week’s parking. Even an Uber or Lyft would cost you more, not to mention the time spent waiting to be picked up after a long trip. Are you really not convinced? What about the fact that you’ll be spoiled for options if you prefer parking near IAH over parking at IAH Airport? Way.com, for example, has over 18 parking lots to choose from, as opposed to the three official IAH Airport parking lots. Furthermore, you will be able to compare costs, facilities, and even user feedback before booking your IAH Airport parking space! Yeah, and did we mention how secure the IAH Airport’s offsite parking lots are? Yes, almost all of them have a gated entrance, video surveillance, and 24-hour security. 

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Hotel parking near IAH Airport 

There are some hotels near IAH Airport that will let you park your car in their parking lots even if you do not book a room with them. Since hotels do not specifically market or advertise these facilities, it may be better to book through parking websites or mobile apps that allow you to book IAH Airport parking online. Hotel parking near IAH Airport starts at around $2.75 per day, particularly if you book ahead of time online. 

Why choose IAH Hotel Parking 

You’ll be able to park your car at a premium hotel that’s located a short distance from the IAH airport. Generally speaking, hotels are very protective of their guests’ vehicles, so you don’t need to be worried about their vehicle’s security. Also, if your flight arrives at an ungodly hour and you don’t feel like driving all the way home, you can book a room to catch some much-needed shut-eye. The same is true if you need to catch an early flight. There’s no need to arrive at your destination tired and sleep-deprived when you can spend the night in a hotel near the airport. Any of these hotels give parking discounts to guests who book an overnight stay so that they can park, sleep, and travel from IAH Airport. Almost all airport hotels provide a free shuttle service to IAH Airport 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to improve your parking experience. 

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IAH Airport Parking Tips 

Here are few tips that can make your parking at IAH Airport a breeze: 

  • Reserve your IAH Airport parking spot ahead of time. In fact, we recommend that you reserve your IAH Airport parking spot as soon as you book your flight ticket. This will help you to pick the cheapest and best airport parking available at IAH. Once the IAH Airport parking lots are sold out, demand will outstrip supply, and prices will spike. 
  • Park offsite to save time and money – Without a doubt, this is one of the easiest ways to get cheap IAH Airport parking! The majority of the offsite garages that offer parking near IAH are just a few minutes away from the airport. They also provide a free IAH shuttle service, which removes the need to park onsite. 
  • Don’t just drive up; book online – The easiest way to get the cheapest IAH Airport parking is to book online. Instead of driving up to a lot just to be turned away because it is sold out, reserve your promised IAH Airport parking online from the comfort of your own home!