All you wanted to know about CMH Airport parking

The John Glenn CMH International Airport (formerly known as Port CMH International Airport), more commonly called CMH Airport or CMH, is located 6 miles from downtown CMH, Ohio. While it certainly wouldn’t find a spot in USA’s busiest airports list, it still caters to over 8 million flyers a year. John Glenn CMH International Airport has148 non-stop flights to 31 airports. Currently, the airport has John Glenn CMH International Airport has one terminal with 3 concourses and 34 gates. During peak season, CMH Airport parking can be pretty hard to come by.  We’ve gathered some of the most important questions travelers have about parking at the CMH Airport. This will help you find your way around CMH Airport, whether you’re flying out of CMH Airport or just picking up or dropping off someone. 

Where do I park at CMH Airport?

There are seven CMH Airport parking lots, including long term parking, short term parking, and valet parking. You will need to consider factors like affordability and convenience before deciding where to park at the airport or near it. Lamber Airport’s onsite parking garage has around hundreds of parking spots. While it does offer the closest parking, it might prove to be quite expensive. There are tens of thousands of offsite CMH Airport parking lots that are more cost-effective.  

How much does parking at CMH airport? 

Onsite CMH Airport parking costs anywhere from $5/hour to $30 per day, depending on where you chose to park.  

CMH Airport long term parking rates 

CMH Airport parking long term is offered at the Daily Parking, Economy Parking, and Park-Ride lots.  

CMH parking lot CMH parking rates 
Green long term shuttle lot $5 per day 
Red long term shuttle lot $7 per day 
Blue Long term shuttle lot uncovered $9 per day 
Blue Long term shuttle lot covered $10 per day 
Long term garage $20 per day 
Walking Lot $13 per day 
Valet parking $24 per day 

CMH Airport short term parking rates 

CMH Parking Lot CMH parking rates 
Short term garage $5 for the first hour of parking
$3 for each extra hour 
$30 daily max 
Long term garage $5 for the first hour of parking
$3 for each extra hour 
$20 daily max 
Walking lot $5 for the first hour of parking
$3 for each extra hour 
$13 daily max  
Valet parking  $10 for the first hour of parking
$2 for each extra hour
$24 daily max 

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How much is offsite parking at CMH airport? 

Offsite CMH Airport parking rates can range from $3 to $7 a day when you book with websites like There are several offsite parking lots near CMH Airport. Most of them provide free shuttle services to and from the airport as well as CMH long-term parking and short-term parking options. CMH Airport parking costs vary depending on their proximity to the airport and the amenities provided. Some offsite CMH Airport parking lots offer amenities like valet parking, camera surveillance, and contactless parking.  

Is there hotel parking near CMH Airport? 

Several hotels in and around CMH offer short-term and long-term CMH Airport parking. These include Bes Western Plus, Extended Stay, and Hotel RL. Most of these hotels provide free shuttle service to CMH airport and are a convenient option if you are looking for secure and cheap parking spaces near CMH.  

How much does hotel parking near CMH airport cost? offers economical CMH Airport parking options near CMH that range from $3 per day to $7 per day. Rates usually depend on the distance from the airport and the parking facilities offered. Make your CMH Hotel parking reservations online in advance to avoid last-minute delays and to get CMH Airport parking discounts and offers.  

How much is long term parking at CMH airport?  

Long term parking at CMH will cost you around $3 per day if you book via parking aggregator websites like They offer parking at offsite garages and lots and hotel parking near CMH Airport at attractive discounted rates.  

Where do I find cheap CMH parking?  

The easiest way to find cheap airport parking at CMH Airport is via sites or apps like Way. If you sign up on the site or install the Way App, you will get CMH Airport parking coupons that can help you get some really great deals on Seattle airport parking rates. 

Does CMH Airport have free parking

Yes, CMH Airport does have free parking at the cell phone lot. The CMH cell phone lot is the best option if you’re sure that you’ll need to wait for only a short while, for instance, to pick up arriving passengers or drop someone off.  

Is there EV charging at any of the CMH parking lots?  

Yes, there is EV charging at the CMH Airport. Electric vehicle charging facilities are provided in Long term garage and for valet customers. The garage EV charging station is available on level 5. The airport does not charge any extra fee for the use of the EV charging stations. EV charging is available here on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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How early should I get to CMH Airport to catch my flight?  

According to the Airport and TSA officials in CMH, you are advised to reach the CMH Airport at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights. Please take that into consideration if you’re planning to reach the airport on any of the free shuttle services offered by parking lots near CMH Airport. Ideally, you need to each the lot where your parking reservation is at least 20 minutes before the time you need to be at your CMH terminal.   

How safe are CMH parking lots? 

If you’re going to be parking your car anywhere in Columbus for extended periods, there will be some amount of risk associated with it. However, looking at it from a safety aspect, reputed offsite CMH parking lots with round-the-clock airport shuttles are probably your best option. Parking at onsite airport parking lots at CMH Airport can be risky as they are more easily accessible. Anyone can enter them. CMH Valet parking lots are also pretty safe if you’re okay with paying a little extra for them. Minimize your risk by choosing a gated, guarded, well-lit CMH parking lot with 24/7 security and camera surveillance. If you book via, you can check out reviews by other travelers, which can help you determine the safest CMH parking spots.