WhatsApp most likely to let customers to transfer chats in between Android and iPhone when altering numbers

WhatsApp is now working on a feature that will let customers to retrieve their old chats even if they modify from Android to iOS along with a unique quantity. The new development is anticipated to be performed by way of Chat History Migration tool, which WhatsApp is leveraging to provide the potential to transfer WhatsApp chat history from Android to iOS or vice versa. This suggests that these who are hunting to switch their WhatsApp accounts in between Android phones and iPhones will be capable to do it conveniently.

The development has been spotted by WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo which reported that the enterprise is testing an updated Chat History Migration tool for customers to seamlessly transfer their chat history.

As of now, WhatsApp lets customers modify their phone quantity though keeping their prior chats. It also makes it possible for customers to transfer their chat history if they have switched to a new device or a phone quantity. However, there is a situation that the new device ought to help the equivalent user interface for WhatsApp as the prior device did. This suggests that suitable now, chat transfer to a unique device and quantity is attainable only if each the prior and new devices are Android, or each are iPhones. Chat backup from an Android phone to an iPhone or vice-versa has not been supported.

To be sure, as soon as the feature comes in, customers will only be capable to migrate their chats when they are signing in to their WhatsApp account on the new device for the initially time. If they do not do it the initially time, they may not be capable to do it later. The tool can also be used to migrate media that is obtainable in WhatsApp when altering devices and numbers.

It is to note that the feature is at present beneath development and there is no particulars on when the feature will be obtainable for customers.

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