WhatsApp extends deadline to accept its ‘take it or leave it’ policy update till June 19 in some markets: Report

WhatsApp privacy policy: Amid various difficulties about its updated privacy policy, WhatsApp appears to have extended the deadline for accepting this policy in some locations till June 19 this year. Earlier, the immediate messaging platform had provided customers till May 15 to accept its ‘take it or leave it’ updated policy, but as it got closer to the date, it decided to not take any quick action against customers who had not accepted it. The Facebook-owned platform had stated that the accounts that do not accept the policy would not be disabled. Still, reports state that WhatsApp has set a new deadline in a couple of locations and this time also it states that customers would have to accept the policy to continue making use of the platform.

The reports have recommended that customers have been getting notifications about the updated deadline in locations like Argentina and Germany. Moreover, the pop-up message says that the updated policy is in line with the new information protection laws of the European Union, asserting that in order to continue making use of WhatsApp, customers would have to accept the policy by June 19. Reports have also mentioned that when customers can decide on to ignore this pop-up, if they want to continue getting the complete functionality of the immediate messaging platform they would need to have to accept the policy.

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The controversial privacy policy was initially brought in by WhatsApp in January this year, and customers had been provided till February 8 to accept the policy, with no option of not accepting it. This quickly led to international outrage as the updated policy enlisted some extra information that WhatsApp would be sharing with parent firm Facebook, which is currently in difficulty more than its targeted advertisements income model. The criticism and investigation into the policy in lots of locations made WhatsApp defer the deadline to May 15 so that it could clear out any “misinformation” about its privacy policy.

It also chose to not disable accounts on May 15 for folks who did not accept the policy, and mentioned that it would as an alternative continue to comply with up with such accounts and inform them more about the updated policy. Throughout this controversy, WhatsApp has maintained that the new provisions in the policy are only relating to the business enterprise accounts and will not effect the safety and finish-to-finish encryption of the way individual or group chats and calls function.

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