Take-Two beats guidance with $711.4M in bookings, down 29%

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Take-Two Interactive reported income for its 1st fiscal quarter (second calendar quarter ended June 30) today that beat its personal and Wall Street’s expectations, with net bookings of $711.4 million. This is down 29% from a year ago, when pandemic lockdowns resulted in a spike in gaming.

Grand Theft Auto V sold more than 5 million copies in the quarter, and its total sales have now surpassed 150 million copies. Since its 2013 release, GTA V has generated more than $6 billion in income.

Revenue for the New York video game publisher came in at $680.4 million on a GAAP basis, down 26% from a year ago. Overall, Take-Two mentioned that all proof suggests that media consumption patterns are starting to stabilize to a new standard, and whilst down from the highs of the earlier pandemic year, recurrent customer spending in items has leveled off and remains considerably larger than the 1st quarter of fiscal 2020 (the calendar quarter ended March 31, 2020). That was the final quarter reported just before the pandemic.

Take-Two’s stock price tag is trading at $165 a share, down 4.75% in just after-hours trading.


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“They beat by a reasonable amount, but didn’t pass any of the upside through in guidance [for the full year],” mentioned Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities. “The stock is down because beating and not passing through says that things are going to be worse the next three quarters than we thought, and that reinforces the unwind of the shelter-in-place trade.”

The firm credited ongoing sales of Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online, Borderlands 3, and other current titles for the outcomes.

Analysts anticipated the firm to report non-GAAP outcomes of 89 cents a share on revenues of $689.2 million. GAAP net revenue was $1.30 per share, or $152.3 million. The firm had guided to $1 to $1.10 a share in GAAP net revenue.

In an interview today, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick explained why established game organizations are seeing more predictable outcomes.

Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive

“It’s still a hit-driven business, like all entertainment businesses. Hits drive results. And that’s true,” Zelnick mentioned. “Now, it has been true in the past. I think maybe it’s more investable because of the scale of the business. Interactive entertainment is now the largest entertainment vertical, with something like $180 billion in annual revenue. And it’s also possible it seems more investable because it’s no longer cyclical.”

He added, “Fifteen years ago it was still a cyclical business where you have a hardware cycle driving a software cycle. And that’s not the case anymore. Now it’s a 12 month-a-year entertainment business, and hardware comes and goes. But the business is stable or growing. I also think it’s a more diverse business. That it speaks to broad audiences, the average age of a gamer is now 37. And with the introduction of mobile games, you know, 45% of the overall market is females, and mobile games specifically skew female and something older. So I suspect those are some of the reasons.”

Live operations, such as tournaments in on the internet games, also get players to come back and commit income in the games, and that aids smooth out the outcomes more than time, Zelnick mentioned.

Zelnick mentioned the new acquisitions would impact the pipeline. He mentioned the firm has 6,800 personnel now, an all-time higher, and it hired 700 game developers in the last 12 months.

Game functionality

GTA Online has a combat-free social space with Los Santos Tuners.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

In comparison to the 1st quarter of fiscal 2020, Grand Theft Auto Online accomplished a 72% improve in its audience size, a 77% improve in new players, and important development in recurrent customer spending. Last week, GTA Online unveiled its Los Santos Tuners update, which enables players to engage in a non-combat social scene about modding vehicles. That was akin to a metaverse style update, exactly where the aim is to get individuals to commit more time in the on the internet world.

“I think Grand Theft Auto Online is a metaverse by any definition I come up with,” Zelnick mentioned. “In the first place, the notion of the metaverse is a digital landscape that one can inhabit and in which one can act through a character, perhaps a character that reflects oneself. And that’s exactly what what you can do inside Grand Theft Auto Online, where you can do and read that online in ways you can do in the city. Is there is there more to be done? Absolutely. But there have been plenty of things that you could already do in Grand Theft Auto Online that that don’t involve combat, for example. And that’s been true for a very long time.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 sales edged up 1 million copies to 38 million copies sold to date considering that 2018. The game saw 18% development in its audience size, 26% development in new players, and outstanding development in recurrent customer spending.

Red Dead Online gets a major overhaul.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

NBA 2K21 has sold more than 11 million copies to date, and more than 2.7 million customers are playing each day. The game saw 13% development in 1st-time spenders and 30% development in returning players. NBA 2K Online in China has almost 54 million registered customers.

Take-Two also mentioned that PGA Tour 2K21 continued to exceed its expectations and expand its audience. In June, it had a neighborhood-driven system from each 2K and HB Studios that permitted the top rated golf course designers from about the world to make and submit tips for inclusion in the game’s on the internet playlist. This is assisting the golf title’s replayability.

Borderlands 3 had a powerful quarter for the duration of which 2K and Gearbox Software released the Director’s Cut add-on, supplying new missions, characters, each day and weekly challenges, and exclusive rewards.  The game was also supported with an array of new totally free content offerings that gave players more strategies to fantastic and expand their arsenals.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI has sold more than 11 million copies to date, outperforming Civ V at the very same point in its lifecycle. The game launched its anthology version, which consists of all previously released downloadable content, on Windows.

As for the Private Division indie label, Kerbal Space Program has now sold more than 5 million copies.

Recurrent customer spending declined 25%, which the firm mentioned was much better than its expectations of a 30% drop, and it accounted for 69% of net bookings.

WWE Supercard has now been downloaded more than 24 million instances and it is 2K’s highest-grossing mobile title.

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Image Credit: 2K/Firaxis Games

The firm updated its pipeline of games as effectively. Take-Two mentioned 19 “immersive core” titles — which includes seven sports simulation games — are coming in the next 3 years. Fifteen will be offered for premium costs, whilst 4 will be totally free-to-play games.

Of the games in the pipeline, Take-Two mentioned 4 immersive core titles — NBA 2K22, WWE 2K22, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and one unannounced game — are coming for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022.

Also coming is one indie release, OlliOlli World, 10 mobile games, six new iterations of prior releases such as GTA V Expanded and Enhanced Edition GTA Online — Standalone Kerbal Space Program Enhanced and 3 unannounced titles.

By the finish of fiscal year 2024 (March 2024), Take-Two expects to also launch 5 independent games, which will all be offered for obtain 10 totally free-to-play mobile games 4 midcore games, which will all be offered for obtain and 3 of which will be sports-oriented and 3 new iterations of previously released titles, which will all be offered for obtain.

During the quarter, Take-Two acquired mobile game creator Nordeus to expand its mobile game-creating capability, and it purchased Dynamixyz to increase its graphics technologies.


Analysts had been previously expecting second fiscal quarter earnings for the period ending September 30 of $1.36 a share on revenues of $878.2 million.

For the complete year, Take-Two anticipates bookings of $3.2 billion to $3.3 billion — the very same guidance as just before. For the complete year, analysts previously anticipated earnings of $4.72 a share on revenues of $3.45 billion for the complete year. The firm mentioned that two of the planned releases for the year amongst the “immersive core” titles are shifting to later in the year than previously anticipated.

As COVID-19 moderates and the world returns to a new standard, Take-Two also expects a moderation of the trends that benefited the business more than the previous year. But the firm nonetheless believes the pandemic initiated a transformational shift in entertainment consumption.

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