Sinequa: Third-party marketplaces enhance hyperscale cloud development

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Cloud enterprise specialists are drawn to the “big three” hyperscale clouds — Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure — due to the fact of the third-party merchandise and services out there. In a survey of cloud specialists in France, United Kingdom, and United States, 93% of respondents reported the strength and breadth of third-party marketplaces make hyperscale clouds “more attractive as a platform,” according to analysis from Sinequa, an intelligent search and analytics platform provider.

This new analysis highlights the significance of third-party marketplaces and demonstrates the competitive benefit that third-party offerings bring to the “big three” hyperscale clouds: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. On typical, the survey located enterprise organisations are operating eight various services purchased from a hyperscale marketplace, and 90% of respondents program to acquire more merchandise and services from these marketplaces in the future.

When asked about the major added benefits of utilizing a hyperscale marketplace, 70% of cloud specialists reported that comfort was a crucial benefit. The capability to simply attempt new merchandise and services was also an vital feature for 50% of respondents, though 39% reported that the selection of merchandise out there was a prime explanation for utilizing a marketplace. These findings point to the benefit hyperscale cloud providers have in becoming capable to offer you more merchandise and services than smaller sized competitors.

As nicely as highlighting the added benefits of hyperscale marketplaces, the analysis revealed which item or service categories are seeing the greatest boost in demand. Blockchain tops the list, with firms expecting to boost their use of blockchain by 112% in the future. Search and Information Gathering or Insights options are also in demand, with firms anticipated to boost their use of these tools by 43% going forwards. This trend reflects the will need for higher functionality options that integrate and strengthen the accessibility of information and facts across various applications, as firms shift towards a hybrid working model.

Sinequa ran a survey of 250 UK, US, and French cloud specialists who reported they worked at enterprises or significant corporations. The survey, which consisted of 10 inquiries, ran on the 19th April 2021.

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