Select OnePlus phones from 2023 and onwards to get 4 major Android updates

OnePlus on Thursday announced that it would offer four generations of OxygenOS and five years of security updates on selected smartphones from 2023. The Chinese consumer technology company, now part of OPPO, did not specify if the commitment to release four major software updates and security updates for five years is for models in the premium line, or if it would extend to the entry-level Nord line-up. However, the company did detail the timelines for the updates.

Gary Chen, Head of Operating system product, OnePlus, OPPO, said that the company is aiming for bi-monthly security updates for selected devices.

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In the smartphone space, Samsung was amongst the first brands to commit four major software updates and five years of security patches on its selected devices. With the announcement, OnePlus becomes the latest entrant to join Samsung. In comparison, Google promises three major software updates for its Pixel devices along with five years of security updates. OnePlus parent OPPO is committed to release three operating system updates and four years of security patches.

Though a step in the right direction, there still is ambiguity around the upgrades timeline. There is no information on how quickly OnePlus would deliver software updates to the select OnePlus smartphones. If updates get delayed for several months, it would beat the purpose of the commitment. As the security patches are being guaranteed every two months, it is possible for users to miss crucial security patches for a month or longer at a time.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz