Game Jolt helps creators monetize their work

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Social media is in an … interesting period at the moment. Giant companies make up most of the social media space, and they are all trying out new ways to monetize. In fact, some platforms are attempting to monetize the people that create their content.

Through all of the change and turmoil, one platform is trying something different. Game Jolt is introducing a new way for creators to make money.

Game Jolt CEO Yaprak DeCarmine

“I have spent the majority of this year chatting with creators from every platform, and it’s frustrating to see industry leaders take advantage of creators by selling their content to advertisers and not sharing the revenue generated. Major platforms are hiding content by creators from the creator’s own audience. That is not okay,” explained Yaprak DeCarmine, CEO of Game Jolt, in a press release. “On Game Jolt, fans can support their favorite creators, and content from the creators they subscribe to will never be hidden from their feeds.”

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Many creator revenue share programs require the artist to have, and keep, a certain amount of followers and views. Game Jolt wants their audience to decide who they see and reward, not some unknown metric.

Regular users of the Game Jolt platform can complete challenges, called Quests, to unlock stickers to give their favorite creators. Once you unlock a sticker, you can charge it and give it to a creator. Each charge represent a percentage of revenue earned by Game Jolt throughout their platform.

game jolt collage
Users accept and complete quests in order to reward their favorite creators with stickers.

“Our goal is to build lasting relationships between creators and their followers. To do that, we’re putting revenue in the hands of users in a gamified and fun way that encourages authentic interactions,” added DeCarmine

Check out the Game Jolt creators program over here.

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