Seagate launches its ‘fastest and most powerful’ PlayStation 5-compatible FireCuda 530 SSDs in India

Seagate is launching its FireCuda 530 SSDs in India today providing a host of solutions for Computer and PlayStation 5 gamers. Expectedly, the FireCuda 530 is based on PCIe Gen4 technologies producing it the most up-to-date and greatest, and possibly, also one of the quickest SSDs about. Seagate claims the Computer solutions provide the “fastest performance” but from its line of storage items when these compatible with the PS5 meet the next gen console’s specs on functionality and dimensions.

Both versions will be readily available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB configurations. The FireCuda 530 for Computer will start off at Rs 10,999 for 500GB, going all the way up to Rs 18,999 for 1TB and Rs 38,499 for 2TB. They will be sold by way of authorised reseller partners beginning from September 2. Seagate says the FireCuda 530 for Computer will also be sold “subsequently” by way of Amazon. The FireCuda 530 for PS5 will start off at Rs 12,999 for 500GB, going all the way up to Rs 20,999 for 1TB and Rs 39,999 for 2TB. They will be sold by way of authorised reseller partners and Amazon by September-finish.

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Being PCIe Gen4 SSDs, the FireCuda 530 claim to provide up to two instances more quickly transfer prices than PCIe Gen3 SSDs. Next to SATA-based SSDs, they are claimed to provide a 12x functionality jump. More particularly, the FireCuda 530 SSDs can theoretically provide sequential study speeds of up to 7300 MB/s.

Seagate says it is applying an E18 controller and 3D TLC NAND to provide the “most advanced speed and durability for PC gaming.” The PS5-compatible versions meanwhile pack a custom heatsink made of “high-grade aluminum with a finely textured finish.”

As far as longevity is concerned, Seagate says gamers can create and delete 70 % of the drive capacity every single day for 5 years. The SSDs also come with a 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Service plan and a 5-year restricted warranty.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz