Samsung cruises ahead in TWS earbuds market place, Apple suffers substantial loss: Counterpoint

Apple lost considerable share in the Truly wireless earbuds segment in sales for the second quarter in the year 2021, as per information released by Counterpoint Research, Apple lost not only on the sales quantity but also lost considerable worth of its sales through the quarter. The business suffered in spite of providing deep discounts on the AirPods. The similar study also mentioned that on account of Appleā€™s losses, South Korean giant Samsung gained considerable share in the Truly wireless earbuds segment whereas Xiaomi emerged as the leader in the reduced segment of Truly wireless earbuds. The Counterpoint Research also mentioned that the general sale of the Truly Wireless earbuds remained subdued through the quarter on account of a number of lockdowns imposed in a number of markets about the world.

While the American tech business may well have taken a slight bump in the last quarter sales, it is unlikely to rue more than the loss as it is all set to launch the third generation AirPods next month which is anticipated to bring a significant windfall for the business, a Counterpoint researcher was quoted as saying. Liz Lee, senior analyst at Counterpoint was quoted as saying that the third generation AirPods which are slated to be released by the business through the next month could be a huge hit.

The analyst mentioned that it has been a whilst considering the fact that a new solution in the Truly Wireless earbuds segment was launched and eye-catching sales of the solution could pull up the notch for the American business higher in the next quarter sales. The analyst also predicted that the sale could touch the figure of 80 million for the business through the year. In addition to Samsung and Xiaomi which gained clients in the last quarter substantially, the other players that performed nicely include things like JBL, JLab, and QCY.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz