Samsung adds ‘Nearby Device Scanning’ to support Matter Easy Pair

Samsung’s smartphones and tablets come with a feature called Nearby Device Scanning, and the company has released an update to the feature, which adds support for Matter Easy Pair.

With the new update, Nearby Device Scanning will send users a notification or show them a pop-up on the screen whenever it detects a Matter-compatible device nearby, reports SamMobile.

There are a variety of smart home brands that offer smart home products, but most have their own connectivity standard and ecosystem, which means that these products are usually incompatible with other smart home products, but Matter, a new connectivity standard for smart home products, aims to simplify that.

The feature will allow users to control smart home devices of different brands more easily than ever.

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The update to the feature is being rolled out through Galaxy Store, according to the report.

Meanwhile, Samsung also updated the Sound Assistant module for its Good Lock app, which comes with a “stabilisation for GTS support”.

Sound Assistant allows users to customise sound settings on their Samsung smartphone at a much deeper level than the built-in settings in One UI.

For example, users can customise the layout of the volume panel, apply themes to it, adjust the volume for each app, apply effects to their voice, adjust the audio delay between the phone and audio devices, and play audio from multiple sources at the same time.



Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz