CES 2023: Ex-Apple employees showcases portable blender ‘Blendercap’

Cruz, the company founded by former Apple employees, has created an over-engineered portable blender named ‘Blendercap’, which was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023.

About a year ago, Dakota Adams and Matthew Moore quit their jobs at Apple to make this portable blender, reports TechCrunch.

“I was going to CrossFit, and I wanted a protein shake after that. I made myself a shake, and it just got sort of melted and lumpy after you have worked out for an hour or two,” Adams said in a statement.

“Then the idea came along to put a blender onto these Hydroflask-style bottles. Matthew Moore and I became friends and began working on how to pack that technology into a tiny little cap.”

At that time, both of them were building a battery factory for Apple in China and were working on the blender on the side.

The blender cap weighs around 460 grams and only has one button.

Users just have to press and hold the button to blend, or double-click it to blend for 25 seconds.

Moreover, it charges with USB-C and is priced at $129.

“We sell it as a kit– it comes with a 32-ounce vacuum-insulated bottle that’s dual-wall stainless steel and dishwasher safe,” Moore said.

“It comes with a BlenderCap, a blade cover and dual-twist cap, which transforms the wide-mouth bottle into a smoothie-mouth,” Moore added.

“The company claims it is going to be profitable from day one and has started to look at what the next generation of products might be,” the report said.




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