Nintendo Switch update enables Bluetooth audio for hand-held console

Nintendo’s most up-to-date OTA update will ultimately bring Bluetooth Audio streaming to Nintendo Lite and Nintendo Switch. The feature for the handheld console released more than 4 years ago was a extensively requested feature and the gaming giant has ultimately acceded to customer demand.

“The latest #NintendoSwitch update is now available, including the ability to pair Bluetooth devices for audio output,” the Japanese customer electronics giant tweeted from its American Twitter account.

Once updated, a new Bluetooth menu will seem in the Nintendo Switch settings exactly where one audio streaming device can be added at a time. While the Switch could technically provide the feature considering that its launch, Nintendo believes its limitations would make the new feature worthwhile.

According to facts on Nintendo’s new help web page, only two controllers can be connected to the console with a Bluetooth Audio device simultaneously connected. Another drawback is the Bluetooth audio becoming disconnected when regional wireless communication features are connected, in all likelihood due to interference.

Although the Nintendo Switch enables 10 devices to be saved at a time, only one Bluetooth device can be paired at one time. The help web page also mentions that there would be no Bluetooth microphone capability. There is also a disclaimer about latency with audio that can differ in between Bluetooth devices.

If these limitations make pairing a Bluetooth audio device a hassle, there are lots of third-party adapters especially made for the Switch. Some of these also incorporate constructed-in microphones.

Nintendo lately slashed costs of the Switch in the European market place ahead of the rollout of an OLED variant. Announced in July, the new OLED variant of the hand-held console will hit the shelves on October 8. It will be compatible with all current games made for Nintendo Switch.

The vanilla Nintendo Switch is now promoting at £259.99 (approx. Rs 26,500), a £20 reduce. The price tag in Europe has been slashed to €299.99 (approx. Rs 26,one hundred) from €329.99 (approx. Rs 28,700). Nintendo is however to reveal if the price tag reduce will extend to other markets.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz