Zoom to revamp platform with true-time translation, other features: Everything to know

As personnel are returning to offices and organisations are incorporating hybrid work models, Zoom has introduced a variety of new features to make video conferences more engaging and productive. Zoom not too long ago announced that it is adding multi-language transcription and translation to Zoom calls quickly. At the Zoomtopia conference, the video calling platform mentioned that this feature aims at decreasing the language barriers in the course of video calls. The live translation feature will be operating in 12 languages and will be launched next year for the use of all subscribers.

The feature will be enabled by Zoom’s artificial intelligence powered algorithms and machine mastering that will transcribe what a speaker is saying into text immediately. Live translations will be readily available in 12 languages although automated transcription will be extended to 30 languages.

Incidentally a couple of months back, Zoom acquired the German translation corporation Kites for an undisclosed quantity.

Other key features that will come or current features to be revamped in Zoom is its Whiteboard feature. Zoom in its newest blogpost claims that it will quickly let customers to use the Zoom whiteboard that is applied for virtual interaction by personnel, from several and ‘wide range of devices.’ The corporation is also collaborating with Facebook and Oculus to develop Zoom Whiteboard integration for Oculus Horizons Workroom, employing which customers will be in a position to access an annotated whiteboard inside a virtual reality atmosphere.

Another new feature, Hot Desking will let personnel to reserve desks and spaces in their offices employing an interactive app. The other feature beneath development is ‘Smart Gallery’ with chick customers who can set up meeting spaces of all sizes utilising person video feeds of in-area participants. Other features that will be updated are Zoom Phone, Zoom Apps, Zoom Widget, Zoom Chat’s Huddle view. The Hot Desking feature will be made readily available next year.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz