Green Game Jam 2021 desires millions of gamers to act for nature

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The Green Game Jam 2021 — a coalition of 25 game studios with more than a billion players collectively — desires million of gamers to act for nature.

Supported by the Playing For the Planet Alliance, the Green Game Jam will implement green activations in play. This year’s theme will highlight the value of conserving and restoring forests and oceans. The Green Game Jam 2021 is launching today as studios compete to build the most lauded game updates about the theme.

Supported by the United Nations, the Playing for the Planet Alliance was began in 2019 to use video games to attain a wider audience with a message about fighting climate transform. The Green Game Jam came out of that, and this is the second annual jam occasion.

The 25 participating studios involve Ubisoft, Mojang Studios, Niantic, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and UsTwo Games. They will collaborate and commit to implementing green activations in games with updates such as new modes, maps, themed events, storylines, and messaging.

“Our first proper attempt at raising awareness of climate issues and solutions was Alba: a Wildlife Adventure,” stated Maria Sayans, CEO at Ustwo, in an e-mail to GamesBeat. “We’ve noticed people really respond to simple messages, like planting trees but have had less success asking people to commit to significant life changes like picking a sustainable energy provider. With the Green Game Jam we hope to use that emotional connection a lot of us have with nature to nudge people along on their journey of climate awareness.”

Guiding the studios is a theme centered about conserving and restoring forests and oceans, and submissions for this year’s Jam involve an entry from Bandai Namco.

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New efforts

For the very first time, Pac-Man’s most up-to-date mobile adventure mode will focus on a theme of reforestation. And UsTwo Games will build new level content in Monument Valley 2, which will connect players to the life of trees and be partially unlocked by way of their help of forest conservation initiatives.

Media Molecule hosted an environmentally themed jam inside Dreams creativity game exactly where creators all more than the world participated by creating incredible creations for every person to play and get pleasure from.
Five Ubisoft studios working across mobile, Computer and consoles will every build new content for one of their games integrating this year’s themes in a enjoyable and engaging way for players. The participating studios are Ubisoft Annecy, Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile, Ubisoft Mainz, Ubisoft Future Games of London, and Ubisoft Paris.

Other members involve Creative Mobile OU, E-Line Media, GameDuell, Goodgame Studios, Hinterland Games, MAG Interactive, Playstation Studios’ Media Molecule, NetEase Games,  PerpGames, Rovio Entertainment, ShiftSpace, Space Ape Games, Supercell, Sybo, TiMi Studio Group, Tiramisu, Toppluva, Wildworks, and Wooga.

Image Credit: Green Game Jam

Player efforts

On the player side, two pledge campaigns have been set up that empower game communities to take action. Play4Forests is focused on conserving and restoring forests in regions such as the Amazon, the Congo Basin, and South East Asia, when Glowing, Glowing Gone is a campaign concentrating on the protection of coral reefs, home to a quarter of all marine life, by way of climate and ocean action. Participants will contact on their communities to engage with these campaigns, and the petitions will be presented to world leaders at future UN Summits which includes COP26, the UN’s Climate Summit, later this year.

The Green Game Jam is launches today in line with World Environment Day coming on June 5, with the winners announced on the June 25. The activations will be judged across 5 categories which includes a “Player’s Choice” award for the very first time this year – gaming communities will be in a position to vote on their preferred activation from June 16.

Sam Barratt, chief of youth, education and advocacy at the UN Environment Programme, stated in a statement that we’ve witnessed the energy of the game market in the last couple of years when it collaborates as a inventive force. Competitors are joining with each other to get Computer and console game makers involved to step up the competitors and the awareness.

Inspired by the Green Game Jam, Playing for the Planet Alliance member and Tencent Games subsidiary, TiMi Studio Group, along with Tencent Institute of Games, will host a Green Game Jam for Youth, aimed at students about the world. The initiative will engage more than 300 universities across China, North America and Southeast Asia, with the winners announced in October.

The UN Environment Program is element of the work, encouraging partnership in caring for the atmosphere by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to increase their excellent of life with out compromising that of future generations.

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