Twitter Blue: All you will need to know about Twitter’s very first subscription service

Twitter Blue: Microblogging website Twitter has brought in a subscription service referred to as Twitter Blue, which would give customers access to various premium features. The service is becoming incorporated inside the platform itself and has been listed as an in-app acquire on app retailers. The subscription service had very first come into limelight when app researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared that Twitter was testing this feature, and she had also listed the features that would be incorporated. A couple of days ago, the corporation ultimately released the update that would provide assistance for Twitter Blue on app retailers, listing the premium features, and on Thursday, the corporation has officially announced the launch of the service in Australia and Canada.

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Here is anything you will need to know about Twitter’s subscription service model.

  • Twitter Blue marks the very first subscription-based feature introduced by the microblogging website. It is a crucial step for the corporation as it marks its move away from sole reliance on ads for income, indicating a possibility exactly where the corporation could possibly at some point in the future even supply a subscription strategy that would be ad-no cost.
  • Launch of the service in Australia and Canada is a portion of its initial phase exactly where it is hoping to far better realize the user feedback. However, it is not but clear when the service would be made out there to the remaining components of the world.
  • While Apple App Store has listed the value of Twitter Blue in its ‘in-app purchases’ section, the corporation has clarified that at present, only costs for Australian and Canadian markets have been determined. This suggests that the value of the feature shown on the App Store in India is arbitrary, most likely stemming from automatic conversion, and is topic to transform.
  • Users subscribing to the feature would get the selection to edit their tweet after they have posted it. However, for that, customers would have to set a customisable timer, which enables them up to 30 seconds to undo a tweet, thread or reply soon after posting it. Once customers ‘undo’ the post, they would be capable to edit it and repost. They would also be capable to preview what their tweet would look like, enabling them to right their errors very easily.
  • Twitter Blue customers would also get the feature to categorise their bookmarked or saved tweets in folders. This is one thing like the ‘Save to Collections’ feature on Instagram or Boards on Pinterest.
  • Some customers had also complained about the problems with reading extended threads. In order to resolve this problem, Twitter has made Reader Mode a premium feature in this subscription model, so that they are quick to study.
  • Apart from this, Twitter is also enabling premium customers to transform the colour scheme of their app, and also letting them customise the app icon that is visible in the menu on their device.
  • The feature has been priced on a month-to-month basis. In Canada, it has been priced at 3.49 CAD (about Rs 210) a month, and in Australia, it would expense 4.49 AUD (about Rs 253) per month.

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