Frank Miller’s one-of-a-type Sin City NFT art sells for $840K

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Sin City comic book creator Frank Miller reaped $840,986.16 in his nonfungible token (NFT) auction of an original piece of art titled I Love You, Nancy Callahan. That would be the highest cost ever for a comic book art NFT, according to these involved.

Miller is new to NFT art, and he was capable to pull this off thanks to a couple of NFT-focused game organizations: Gala Games and Concept Art House. They helped make the NFT — which makes use of the transparent and safe digital ledger dubbed blockchain to authenticate the uniqueness of the art work.

“I Love You, Nancy Callahan” is an animated and sound made piece working with the original comic panels to highlight one of the most profound stories in the Sin City universe: the death of Detective Hartigan.

The 1-of-1 piece was sold to the highest bidder more than a 24-hour period in partnership with OpenSea, a well-known marketplace for NFTs, and it was bought working with the Gala coin. With 3 bidders active in the final countdown, the auction was extended by two hours as one of the  parameters is that in the last 5 minutes of an auction when a bid is placed an more 10 minutes is added to the clock to make certain all parties have a final chance to comply with up on their interest.


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Image Credit: Joel Saget/AFP

This supplied a flurry of activity with incremental jumps right here and there of $25,000 to $50,000, then it took fairly a leap from $435,000 to $591,000, then to $800,000 and closing at 8,537,584.205 Gala (which has a worth of $840,986.16).

I Love You, Nancy Callahan is now the most high priced piece of art ever sold by Frank Miller. The most precious piece of his art is the cover art featuring a lightning bolt for The Dark Knight Returns which is presently valued at $1.3 million to $1.6 million, but not presently for sale.

Previously, in 2011, Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight No. 3 Batman and Robin Iconic Splash Page 10 was the most high priced original artwork from an American comic book ever sold at an auction at $448,000.

According to Heritage Auctions Hall of Fame Highlights for Comics &amp Comic Art, that piece now ranks as the 10th most high priced comic book art ever sold. “I love you Nancy Callahan” would rank No. 3 on this list.

In a statement, Miller stated, “I am so honored to see the fans of mine, of Marv, of Sin City participating in this new world. One thing you never get making comics is the three-dimensionality (of NFTs). It is something that you aspire to when you’re drawing, but to really see things form and move like in I Love You, Nancy Callahan, it’s really wonderful.”

Frank Miller's Sin City was turned into a movie.

Image Credit: Sin City 2021 Frank Miller, All rights reserved.

Frank Miller in partnership with Gala Labs and Concept Art House produced a series of 10 NFTs to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sin City graphic novel. Working with Frank Miller’s original artwork, Concept Art House collaborated to bring the pieces to life with motion and sound design and style and Gala Labs has constructed a proprietary platform at More auctions are taking place on that web page.

The similar proprietary technologies was produced and is utilized by Gala Labs parent firm Gala Games, the premier gaming firm constructed on the blockchain, to energy games.

James Olden, chief approach officer for Gala Labs, stated in a statement, “Gala Labs is delighted to provide a trusted and fortified platform for partners interested in pushing technology and pop culture to the creative horizon and we couldn’t be prouder of the team of people that brought this project to life.”

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