EcoFlow’s redesigned River 2 batteries double as kettle bells

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Big-ass battery maker EcoFlow is announcing the redesigned River 2 series today fitted with long lasting LFP (LiFePO4) batteries and lots of ports to power your AC and DC devices. These are batteries sized to power your weekend away or a music festival.

The River 2 series consists of three batteries that vary by storage capacities, maximum AC power (pure sine wave) output, and charging ports:

The batteries can be charged in four different ways: a standard AC wall outlet, portable solar panels, a 12V car socket, and USB-C. The base River 2 can charge to 100 percent in as fast as 60 minutes, while the Max and Pro models take a bit longer due to their larger batteries.

From left to right: River 2 Max, River 2, and River 2 Pro.
Image: EcoFlow

The River 2 series, like most EcoFlow batteries, can be stacked and connected to take advantage of the company’s X-Boost tech. X-Boost is a little trick that lowers the output voltage to allow some devices rated up to 1600W (like heat guns and espresso machines) to operate off the River 2’s inverter. It doesn’t work with all high-wattage devices, though.

Vanlifers concerned with maximizing space will appreciate the handle placement which has been moved to the side. The resulting flat surface on top can be used as a makeshift table. The batteries can also serve as dual-use kettle bells with the entry-level model weighing 7.8lbs (3.5kg), the Max 13.4lbs (6.8kg), and Pro 17.2lbs (7.8kg). I’m serious. Staying Instagram pretty is hard work — vanlife’s not all fairy lights and sunsets, you know. 

A River 2 Max battery powers a desktop computer and accessories while a man sits at his office under the light of a lamp.

The River 2 series (Max pictured) can also serve as a UPS when not powering your travels.
Image: EcoFlow

The base River 2 model is priced at $239 / €299 / £269, the River 2 Max at $469 / €599 / £549, and the big boy River 2 Pro lists for $599 / €799 / £749. They’re available to buy starting November 9th in both US and European configurations.

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