Microsoft starts rolling out Android 12L for Surface Duo, Duo 2: Reports

Microsoft has started rolling out Android 12L to the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2, to build stronger connections between Windows 11 PC and the Duo devices.

Aligning visual languages for core system components across Windows and Android is the first step in creating a strong connection to Windows, the company said in a blogpost.

The Surface Duo feels familiar and is an integral part of the wider Windows environment thanks to its consistent iconography, colours and user interface (UI) features.

With Android 12L, users can customise their experience with colour palettes applied across the system, based on their chosen wallpaper.

The Duo will have four new wallpapers as part of the OS upgrade that match the new Windows desktop backgrounds and give customised accent colour options that bring the brightness of Windows to Android.

The 12L offers a more personalised, responsive and inclusive experience with a redesigned UI that adapts to a user’s wallpaper, feels more responsive to touch with fluid animations and comes with additional accessibility tools.

Additionally, Android 12 introduces new conversation widgets for staying in touch with your loved ones.

The update also increases accessibility, with a more open UI design, contrast enhancements and new visibility features like magnification, brightness control and colour management.

A new Privacy dashboard for 12L tracks app usage of the camera, microphone and location during the last 24 hours, the company said.



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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz