Disctopia actually pays artists for their work, and a one-year subscription is only $40

Did you know that while you’re pumping away to your favorite song on your trusty Peloton bike, the company is paying the artist of that song just 3 cents? And if that sounds like literal chump change, then think about this — that 3 cents is actually on the high end of what an artist will make for themselves when someone streams their work online.

For streaming services like Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify, artists get less than 1 cent per song. YouTube only pays less than a sixth of 1 cent back to an artist.

Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift might not much care about their sixth of 1 cent in streaming royalties, but for non-mega-stars, from musicians to podcasters, the streaming landscape is a complete ripoff. Disctopia is a platform dedicated to treating artists fairly, a place where creative types can upload their work and allow it to be consumed by happy listeners while cutting in the original creator for a significantly more fair share of their labors.

With a one-year subscription to Disctopia, artists have access to unlimited uploads, downloads, and storage of their work, all while retaining 100 percent of the revenue from any sales through the platform. Disctopia doesn’t charge any distribution or commission fees, so musicians and podcasters can monetize their work themselves, with music, podcast, and even merch hosting with all the money going back to the creator. There’s even an easy-to-follow dashboard to track your sales and document all your earnings, right through Disctopia.

Disctopia is already a robust content hub with nifty customization options, including the ability to create private content, as well as exclusive podcast episodes, then manage and earn from that content. Even your downloaded music and podcasts from other services will play in Disctopia’s content-friendly app and player.

That positive user and artist experience extends to the presentation as well, with no ads or ad-based user tracking of any kind. And Disctopia is designed to integrate perfectly with all the most popular music and podcast distribution platforms around, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Podcasts, and more.

Committed to 100 percent transparency with its users, those creators have responded overwhelmingly to their model, giving Disctopia a resounding 4.9 stars out of 5 among reviews in both the Google Play and Apple App stores.

A one-year Creative plan to help artists start creating their own unlimited offering of music and podcasts usually costs $119, but with the current deal, users can enter the code CYBER20 to get an extra 20 percent off the already discounted price. With that added savings, a 12-month Disctopia Creative Plan subscription is just $39.99.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz