BetterMe turns to your psychology to help make sure your health and weight loss journey succeed.

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New year, new you. Every January, thousands vow that the coming year will be the one where they finally lose the extra weight and start getting healthy. Of course, reality sets in quickly and before you know it, many of those good intentions toward better fitness have fallen by the wayside. In fact, only about 5 of every 100 people who start a journey toward a healthier lifestyle actually achieve their goals.

Of course, the true benefits of a health and wellness journey aren’t always measured by the results. They’re often judged by the overall improvements that journey brings and the happiness it generates for each individual. BetterMe knows there’s more to a healthy, active lifestyle than focusing on adherence to dropping every pound possible. Their process centers around holistically reaching acceptance and happiness within to help craft the body each member wants.

The BetterMe Health Coaching app is based around the idea that major changes in a person’s life start with a healthy mind first. Created for those at the beginning of their weight loss journey, BetterMe combines positive psychology with personalized menus and fitness plans to build the path to wellness that works best for each person. That game plan is further supported by a real live human coach who’s ready to help guide that personal overhaul.

Based on the work of dietitians, coaches, and psychologists, the BetterMe plan starts with exercises to optimize your self-image, wiping out negative habits, self-destructive thoughts, and resistance to change. In its place, the cognitive behavioral therapy training at the heart of the app uses quizzes, infographics and other elements to bolster feelings of compassion and self-love, creating a better environment to rebuild a smarter and healthier version of yourself. 

Along with those positive affirmation and habit tracking steps to reframe how members think about themselves, food and activity, BetterMe doesn’t shy away from the hardcore health and fitness training any weight loss app user would expect. That includes over 1,500 customized workouts, built to become ingrained into your daily routines as new healthy habits.

In addition to personalized meal plans that balance your caloric intake with your own food preferences, BetterMe also offers 24/7 access to your own personal coach. They are always ready to help shape your new approach to fitness, track your progress, and even hold you accountable if you aren’t reaching your fullest potential.

So far, the BetterMe approach is hitting its mark with millions of users, accounting for over 100 million downloads in 189 countries and 10 languages in just five short years.

Get started and download the BetterMe Health Coaching app, take the 1-minute introductory quiz, and begin your personal workout and mental wellness plan.

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