Annapurna’s Skin Deep is a clever stealth shooter from a smaller group

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Annapurna announced it is backing Skin Deep, an immersive sim shooter based in space. The stealth-action title is coming out for the Computer at an unannounced date, and it is becoming created by Blendo Games.

You’re outfitted with a assortment of eccentric weapons and you get aid from the ships’ crews, which are speaking cats. Space pirates have been kidnapping these cats. You play as a reformed assassin who now performs as an insurance coverage commando. Your job is to retain the cat crews on the cargo ships protected in the occasion of a space-pirate takeover.

The commando gets to earn her spend as the space pirates attack. The group describes it as “Die Hard in space.” The gameplay contains sneaking about in stealth on the ships, sabotaging navigation and life help systems, rescuing hostages, and fighting the pirates.

Blendo Games’ immersive 1st-individual shooter about sneaking, subverting, and sabotaging, all whilst not wearing footwear, revealed a new gameplay trailer, which you can watch right here.


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Brendan Chung of Blendo Games mentioned the game has a lighter tone. The group of a half dozen persons has been working on the title because 2018, attempting out diverse types of mechanics.

“I grew up playing on a lot of personal computers since I was pretty young,” Chung mentioned. “The original 3D shooters got me interested in learning about and making games. It’s fun to return to my roots.”

Image Credit: Blendo Games/Annapurna

In one scene, you shoot at an enemy by a window. It shatters the window and each of you get sucked out into space. Not the greatest notion, I suppose, but Chung mentioned it shows how a great deal interactivity is constructed into the game.

“It is like an action movie, with heightened comic book logic,” Chung mentioned.

Annapurna helped the group get more sources, but it has been a smaller group from the commence.

“We’re not trying to compete on graphics with photorealistic games,” Chung mentioned. “That’s just not something we’re interested in and we’re not equipped to do it. We want it to be attractive looking and have a strong personality and humor.”

You can do points like threaten enemies or yell at them. You can even meditate and regain your composure. If you jump into a trash chute, you can make a fast escape. But a smell will keep with you and enemies will be capable to hunt you down. You have to wash oneself in the toilet, or sink. You may possibly also sneeze, and that could give you away.

They’re utilizing the Doom 3 engine from 2004, and that suggests it has very good shadows and lighting.

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