Annapurna’s Neon White is a very first-individual action game played with cards

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Annapurna Interactive unveiled Neon White, a new card-based very first-individual action game coming from Donut County creator Ben Esposito. The publisher revealed the gameplay in its very first-ever Annapurna Interactive Showcase.

The game is a quick-paced shooter exactly where you have to exterminate demons in Heaven. But rather of shooting guns, you deploy cards in genuine time to resolve the difficulty of the moment.

You’re an assassin plucked from Hell to compete with other demon slayers for a shot at redemption. You gather Soul Cards to attack your foes or discard them to use movement skills.

If you come cards in a clever way, you can learn large shortcuts.


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The game is coming from Esposito’s Angel Matrix. It’s for the Computer and Nintendo Switch. Annapurna didn’t announce a launch date.

“This was supposed to be me just going wild and making something really fun and weird in a very short amount of time,” Esposito stated in an interview with GamesBeat. “I was producing it on my own when I was fully intending on self publishing it.”

Image Credit: Annapurna/Angel Matrix

Then Annapurna, which published the zany Donut County game in 2018, asked to verify it out. Esposito didn’t consider it was in their wheelhouse, but the publisher told them it was stretching beyond its usual games.

“It’s pretty different than a lot of their other games,” Esposito stated.

As for the cards, he stated, “In this game, cards are more of a metaphor for like the affordances you have with your weapon. So the way it works is that you can hold two different cards at a time. And when you’re holding a card, you can shoot it like a gun in a normal first-person shooter. You can also discard it at any time. And if you discard it, it converts itself into the movement ability.”

You can stack up cards on leading of every other. Esposito’s inspiration came from deck-creating games such as Dream Club, which he played whilst generating Donut County.

But the inspiration led to a lot of challenging work, as it took Esposito a couple of years of work to get a great prototype. Then he got the concept of how the cards came from the enemies that you kill.

The talent is not pretty as significantly in getting a great shooter player as it is in being aware of what cards to play at the ideal time.

“Most of the strategy is thinking about how do I use these  current resources to both kill all the enemies and get to the end as fast and efficiently as possible,” Esposito stated.

There’s a map of central Heaven exactly where you can decide on missions to pursue.

As for Donut County fans, there may well be some references to it, but it is a really distinctive type of game.

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