All You Wanted to Know About Las Vegas Airport Parking

Las Vegas Airport (soon to be renamed Harry Reid International Airport) is the main airport serving Nevada’s Las Vegas Valley area. Las Vegas is one of the USA’s busier airports and sees around 50 million passengers passing through each year. As is the case with most major international airports, Las Vegas Airport is often teeming with travelers and chaotic. Finding a Las Vegas Airport parking spot under these circumstances can be overwhelming. We’ve rounded up some of the most frequent questions travelers ask about parking at Las Vegas Airport. This will help you find the perfect parking spot for your car in or near Las Vegas Airport, whether you’re flying out of Las Vegas Airport or just picking up or dropping off someone. 

Where can I find Las Vegas Airport parking?  

There are quite a few options for Las Vegas Airport parking – long-term parking, short-term parking, and valet parking. You will need to consider factors like affordability, the duration you need parking for, and convenience before deciding whether to park in Las Vegas Airport or near it. Las Vegas onsite parking garages offer the advantage of proximity to the airport but at a price. Offsite Las Vegas parking is usually way cheaper than onsite parking. There are hundreds of offsite parking garages and hotel parking lots near Las Vegas Airport that are much more reasonably priced.  

How much does it cost to park at Las Vegas Airport? 

Onsite Harry Reid International airport parking can cost you anywhere from $3/hour to $30/day. Offsite Las Vegas airport parking is available for around $5/day if you book online in advance.  

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How much does offsite airport parking at Las Vegas cost? 

Offsite Las Vegas Airport parking rates can range from $to $8 a day when you book via online parking service platforms like There are several offsite parking lots near Las Vegas Airport, and most of them provide free shuttle services to and from the airport, Las Vegas long-term parking, and short-term parking. Las Vegas airport parking costs vary depending on their proximity to the airport and the amenities provided. Some offsite Las Vegas airport parking lots offer amenities like valet parking, camera surveillance, car-washing, and servicing.  

How much does long-term Las Vegas airport parking cost? 

Long-term parking at Las Vegas Airport costs $18/day at the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 parking lots. Both the Terminal 1 Economy parking lot and Terminal 3 Economy parking lot costs $12/day. The Terminal 1 and 3 short-term parking lots charge $36 for a day’s parking. The Las Vegas valet parking lots at Terminal 1 and 3 charge parking fees of $30/day. The Terminal 1 remote parking lot charges $15/day for Las Vegas Airport parking.

How much does short-term Las Vegas airport parking cost? 

Short-term parking at Las Vegas Airport costs $3 for the 1st hour, $6 for up to 2 hours, and $9 for 2-3 hours of parking at Terminal 1 and 3 short-term parking lots. Each subsequent hour costs $4 and reaches a daily maximum of $36. The Terminal 1 and 3 long-term parking lots offer parking at $10 for the first three hours of parking, $2 for each additional hour, reaching a daily maximum of $18. Both the economy lots charge $4 for the first 2 hours, and $2 for each additional hour, reaching a daily maximum of $12. Short-term valet parking rates at Las Vegas Airport cost $10 for the 1 hour, $12 for 2 hours, $14 for 3 hours, and $18 for up to 4 hours. Each additional hour costs $18, reaching a daily maximum of $30.  

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Is there economy parking at Las Vegas Airport? 

Yes, the Harry Reid International Airport does have economy parking options in the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Economy parking lot. The Terminal 3 economy parking lot at Las Vegas Airport is located adjacent to the Terminal 3 parking garage. The Terminal 1 economy parking lot at Las Vegas Airport is further away, and passengers will need to set aside some additional time for shuttle buses that run from there to the terminal.

Where can I find hotel parking near Las Vegas Airport? 

There are many hotels in and around Las Vegas that offer short-term and long-term Las Vegas Airport parking. These include Doubletree by Hilton, Hilton Conference Center, Embassy Suites, Red Roof Inn, and Motel 6. Most of these hotels provide free shuttle service to Las Vegas airport and are a convenient option if you are looking for secure and cheap parking spaces near Las Vegas.  

How much does parking at hotels near Las Vegas cost?  

Several hotels near the airport offer economical Las Vegas Airport parking options, ranging from $5.50/day to $7.99/day. Rates usually depend on the distance from the airport and the amenities offered. Book your Las Vegas Hotel parking spot online in advance to avoid last-minute delays and to get Las Vegas Airport parking discounts and offers. Some of the hotels that offer parking near Las Vegas Airport are Residence Inn, Home2Suites, and Fortune Hotel & Suites.  

How much does offsite Las Vegas parking cost?  

Long-term parking at Las Vegas Airport will cost you around $5/day if you book via is an online car services platform that offers Las Vegas Airport parking at offsite garages and hotel parking near the airport at attractive discounted rates.  

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Where do I find cheap airport parking in Las Vegas?  

The easiest way to find cheap airport parking at Las Vegas Airport is by booking online via sites or apps like Way. If you sign up on the Way site or install the Way App, you will get Las Vegas Airport parking coupons that can help you get some really great deals on Las Vegas airport parking rates. 

Is it safe to park at Las Vegas Airport? (h2) 

There’s always a certain amount of risk associated with leaving your car anywhere in Vegas for extended periods. From a safety aspect, reputed offsite Las Vegas Airport parking lots with round-the-clock airport shuttles might be your best bet. Valet parking lots near Las Vegas Airport are also pretty safe if you’re okay with paying a little extra for them. Parking at onsite Las Vegas airport parking lots can be risky as they are more easily accessible. Anyone can enter them. Minimize your risk by choosing a gated, guarded, well-lit Las Vegas Airport lot with 24/7 security and camera surveillance. If you book via, you can check out reviews by other travelers, which can help you figure out the safest spot to park at Las Vegas Airport.