ScoopHot Affiliate Post Types

Pick the best suited article types

ScoopHot Editorial team recommends you below post types to choose from when submitting your post or article

With Offer Button

scoophot button

Depending on your post content, this type of post is best suited if you are providing typical reviews, recommendations etc., where you want users ease, to directly go to the product or service page. This button contains the affiliate url to help you with your commission and tracking

With Price Tag and Offer Button

scoophot price button

This is the same as above with an added price tag, many times it makes sense while on many occasions it won’t. You can give your preference, however, whether with our with price tag shall be decided by the ScoopHot editorial team keeping user experience factor in mind.

Simple Post with No Button

scoophot simple

For many categories like personal, health, etc., where your content is mostly an informative article that talks about something in the chosen niche. Your article is generic content that adds value to our users. While doing so you recommend some related affiliate product urls from our supported list of vendors and affiliate networks. Only two urls are allowed.

ScoopHot Affiliate Post Types
ScoopHot Affiliate Post Types