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ScoopHot, is a product and service discovery platform where users find Informative articles, best recommendations, and offers. 

We are a Google News approved publisher, and high DA 41 and our content are highly indexed across popular search engines. All published posts get syndicated by Google news and our social handles for better reach and web exposure.

You can always contribute for FREE as an affiliate contributor from approved networks, brands, and categories and build an ever-lasting recurring serious revenue channel as an affiliate marketer. This way while you give value to our readers, you also create a possibility to make money through affiliate commissions. Please see the detailed guidelines below.

Here are the best ways to contribute to our platform


Become Affiliate Contributor

Become an affiliate contributor for FREE and create an unlimited possibility of recurring affiliate commissions. Each approved post will have two offer buttons or urls, one with your affiliate URL and one replaced with our affiliate URL. If the actual sale happens from your URL, the entire affiliate commission goes directly to your account. In a transparent ecosystem with no dependency on payout etc., you control everything. Hot Launches to review today and start making money right away!

To proceed and get your profile approved as a contributor, share some of your sample content or posts, which affiliate product you plan to write about from these approved categories.

If you know, own, or represent a company, product, or service that is proven, of high quality, and value, you may request us to add your affiliate program to our platform-approved list.


Guest Post

If you are a Founder, CEO, CXO COO, CMO, or Industry expert and love to contribute informative insights about your industry and knowledge (non-promotional content) from our approved categories. No do-follow links in the story.

We welcome you to apply for a FREE contributor account with details about your profile(LinkedIn and other social handles) and contributions on other esteemed platforms. In return, we will accept your author bio at the end of your story for you and your brand visibility


Link Insertion

We accept qualified link insertion for a nominal fee     

We also offer banner ads and other sponsored options. You can learn more and make payment here

Request a Contributor Account

Drop us with your details and how you want to be associated with us (Option 1, 2, or 3) using our contact page

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