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At ScoopHot we have created a thriving eco-system where we help our users discover insightful articles, trending news, best recommendations, and offers for them to make informed decisions.

While we do so, as a contributor you create a limitless financially rewarding possibility and build a serious revenue channel for yourself. And this made possible through a well-organized and ever-growing world of affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Post Submission Criteria

If your post content is a recommendation or review type, make sure its genuine, detailed, and with your personal analysis about the product or service.

If your post content is informative content, make sure it gives value to the readers. Your embedded affiliate product is 100% relevant in context to the article content. For example, an article sharing some health tips may have related health products, an article talking about personal relationships may include related personal relationship products or services, and so on. See different post types we accept for submission

Your content should be unique not just scrape content from the web. In any such event, your submissions shall be rejected

We only accept posts that qualify the below criteria:

In short, our aim as a thriving community is to help each — Our users get genuine value and as a contributor, you receive a long term value of building your digital assets with your affiliate links earning your $ in an autopilot mode

Transparent Revenue Model

There is no revenue split happening here. Each approved post will have two offer buttons or urls, one with your affiliate URL and one with our affiliate URL. If the actual sale happens from your URL, the entire affiliate commission goes directly to your account. A transparent ecosystem with no dependency on payout etc., you control everything.

The more valuable content you provide you increase the chances of your success. Rest assured our platform has 1 Million+ monthly traffic plus Google News approved publisher, heavily indexed across by all search engines and social networks

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