5 tips on how to prepare for a remote job interview

Things have changed a lot in the last two years as a direct result of the Coronavirus. Millions of people have been working from home, and it seems as though this approach is here to stay (in some form at least).

This also has resulted in remote onboarding. Companies have turned to remote job interviews to lock down the best new hires. These are being done mainly through video chat (Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype etc.).

Job interviews can be stressful, especially when it’s a format you’re not entirely used to.

We’re here to help, and give you some tips on how you can best prepare for a remote job interview.

1. Prepare your space

This is seriously important when it comes to taking part in a remote job interview. The space you identify as your interview location should be tidy and professional. Try to avoid having any ‘non-office’ like items in the camera view — keep it simple. A pen, a notebook and a glass of water.

2. Dress for the job

You would hope that this one would go without saying, but I still felt the need to include it. Guys, if you are interviewing for an administrative job in an office, dress appropriately. Don’t log into the job interview wearing a hoodie or t-shirt. Get a nice shirt, or blazer or anything you deem appropriate for the role itself.

3. Keep the noise down

You can only engage well in a job interview if the interviewer can hear you properly. Obviously, as we’re all at home, there may be noise sources, like your kids, roommates or other halves. Before you go into the interview, ask everyone in the house to keep it down, and you’ll be fine!

4. Be enthusiastic

We know that interviewing for a job through virtual chat is weird, and a bit awkward, but try to act as natural as you can. As tricky as it may be, try to approach the interview like you would a normal, in-house interview.

5. Follow up

After you do the interview, and nail it of course, make sure to follow up with the company you were interviewed by. Send them a polite, formal message the next day thanking them for taking the time to speak with you, and wish them well.

After that, all I can say is good luck – no doubt you’ll smash it!

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz