Apple CEO Tim Cook has an epic reply for those wanting to sideload apps on iPhone

Apple faces criticism from many users over how it doesn’t allow sideloading third-party apps on the iPhone. Android devices on the other hand don’t have that restriction when it comes to downloading these apps. On Android, you can download an outside app but the same is not true for iPhone. Apple CEO Tim Cook, however, has a solution for those interested in sideloading apps.

Speaking at The New York Times ‘DealBook’ summit, the Apple CEO suggested that those who wish to sideload apps should buy Android devices. “I think people have a choice today. Buy an android phone if you want to sideload”.

Cook also added that (allowing) sideloading of apps would be equal to carmakers selling cars without seatbelts or airbags. “We believe it would be like if I were an automobile manufacturer telling a customer to not to put airbags and seat belts in the car. He would never think about doing this in today’s time. It is too risky to do that. And so, it would not be an iPhone if it didn’t maximise security and privacy”, the Apple CEO added.

This is not the first time when Apple has ditched the idea of sideloading apps. The company has always been against the idea of sideloading and had in fact published a white paper in October explaining the dangerous repercussions of sideloading apps for users.

If iOS users are given a chance to sideload other apps like how Android users do, the security and privacy of iOS could be compromised, Apple CEO Tim Cook had said earlier. If Apple was forced to allow it, it may not be in the best interests of the user, he added.

In sideloading, users openly download and install third party apps into their devices from the open internet.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz