ZunRoof’s solar options: Smart utilisation of obtainable electrical energy

ZunRoof’s genesis can be traced back to the lengthy hours of energy cuts that co-founder Pranesh Chaudhary sweated by way of, increasing up in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. “Our lives seemed to come to a stop… having experienced this personally and realising that electricity expense is a costly affair for households, it inspired me to ensure that no house in India lives without affordable electricity,” says Chaudhary, who in 2016, set it up along with Sushant Sachan, each IIT Kharagpur alumni.

ZunRoof is now one of India’s biggest residential solar power rooftop installers nevertheless, giving access to clean, wise and absolutely free electrical energy by means of solar was only the very first half of the dilemma, the second half involved effective utilization of this power by way of IoT (Internet of Things). So, the next quest was to fulfill the rising demand for reasonably priced options in the wise properties segment.

“We are solving energy issues by using a renewable source of energy but that is not enough if people waste the same clean energy with outdated tech and appliances. So, we are helping Indian homes automate and utilise energy efficiently through in-house developed IoT-enabled hardware and accompanying apps,” he says.

For more than two years now, ZunRoof’s R&ampD group has been working towards leveraging IoT and efficiency in power utilisation. “In September 2020, we launched our home automation division, zunpulse,” says Chaudhary. “We are now operating in three segments that include ZunRoof (residential rooftop segment catering to urban areas), zunsolar (offering a wide range of solar products specifically designed for rural area needs) and zunpulse (a complete smart home solution to utilise electricity in an efficient manner),” he says.

The startup has designed an IoT enabled hardware variety that incorporates 11 wise devices beneath 4 categories—lighting, safety, manage, and purifiers—all of them working with one single app more than Wi-Fi and not needing any wiring adjust at all in properties (a main limiting element in usual home automation firms). These plug-and-play devices contain wise bulb, wise plug, wise AC remote, wise Television remote, power monitor, wise video doorbell, wise camera and wise plug amongst other folks. For instance, with its IoT device, a home owner can now schedule her AC to automatically turn off at 3:00 am each evening and hence save power bills, verify if she forgot to turn off the AC when leaving for the workplace and recognize power saving possibilities by way of the power monitor.

Chaudhary explains that for IoT items, there are 3 main angles – software program, hardware and firmware. Hardware and software program are dependent upon the extent of backward integration one can do, that is what tends to make for the differentiating element and that is what stops one from getting dependent on external assist. “We are at different levels of backward integration for different products – for energy monitor and smart bulb, the pollution sensor is entirely made in India so we develop them in-house,” he says. “But for other products, the hardware side chips and sensors are not currently manufactured in India.”

The IoT marketplace in India is anticipated to attain $15 million by 2020 – practically 5% of the total international marketplace. However, the international IoT marketplace is anticipated to attain $1,386.06 billion by 2026 from $761.4 billion in 2020, increasing at a CAGR of 10.53%, for the duration of the forecast period (2021-2026) as per a current report by Mordor Intelligence. “So far, we have empowered more than half a million Indian homes with IoT devices and are on a mission to empower 1 million Indian homes through IoT- this financial year,” he adds.

The Gurgaon based startup has raised Rs 28.2 crore from the Godrej family fund in combined pre-Series A and Series A funding. It has also raised Rs 3.25 crore from angel investors such as Ramakant Sharma, founder of Livspace, Pradeep Tharakan of ADB, Gaurav Gupta, companion at Dalberg and IIT Kharagpur seniors, along with a grant from USICEF.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz