YouTube Music testing live lyrics with newer Casting UI, says report

Google-owned music streaming platform YouTube Music is reportedly testing ‘live lyrics’ feature with a tweaked Casting user interface (UI).

Some users have already received the new feature, reports 9To5Google.

A Reddit user noticed a new UI while casting YouTube Music from an Android phone to a Chromecast Ultra,

Instead of album artwork, song name and artist being centred on the screen, they were on the right with left-aligned text.

“This makes way for live lyrics that scroll with the current verse highlighted in white. The background remains a blurred version of the artwork,” the report said.

As the song ends, users would see a “list of credited songwriters”.

Last week, it was reported that YouTube Music might soon allow users the ability to create a custom radio.

Currently, it allows users to customise their current queue by familiarity, genre, mood, energy level, and more directly from the Now Playing screen.



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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz