YouTube introduces @ Handle feature: Know what is it, how it works and more

Google is set to introduce @ Handle feature on its streaming platform YouTube. This feature would enable new ways for users to find and connect with creators. YouTube says it is gradually rolling out the ability to choose a handle for all channels over the coming weeks, and creators will receive another email and a notification in YouTube Studio when they are able to create a handle. YouTube will automatically assign a handle to the channel, which the creator can change in YouTube Studio, starting on November 14 – if the creator has not selected a handle for the channel.

What is a YouTube Handle?

It is a new way for viewers and creators to find and connect with each other on YouTube. While multiple YouTube channels can have the same channel name, handles are unique and start with the “@” symbol. For example, @youtubecreators. They are short channel identifiers separate from the channel name. The handle will automatically become a part of the channel’s URL. For example,

When can a user choose a handle?

YouTube is currently rolling out handles to all channels. Once you can choose a handle, you will be notified in YouTube Studio and via email. You will then have until November 14 to choose a handle. If you do not choose by then, YouTube will automatically assign you one.

If you have a personalised URL, the unique part of the URL will become your handle. But, if you do not have a personalised URL, or you want to choose something different, you can select a new handle or use the automatically generated handle. Note, in certain cases your preferred handle may not be available but you will be able to select another option.

How to choose or change a handle?

Step 1: Go to on your device with the YouTube app

Step 2: Select account and click on choose handle or change handle

Step 3: You can choose one of the suggested handles or type in the handle field to check the availability of your preferred handle

Step 4: Once you have found an available handle, click Confirm selection.

How is it useful?

As the handles are unique identifiers, it is easy to confirm whether you are engaging with the right person/channel/creator or not. It lets people find the right channel on YouTube and tag accounts in videos. You can also use handle to direct people to your channel even when they are not on YouTube. With the help of URL, you can promote your channel on different social media platforms and websites.

YouTube has provided handles’ open access to everyone and removed the 100-subscriber threshold. It will appear in the shorts tab, search results, comments and mentions. On the channel page, it will appear alongside the channel name.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz