You’ll never have to remember another password again!

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By now, you know better. You shouldn’t use your pet’s name, your mom’s maiden name, or your old telephone number as your password. You’ve gotten smarter than that. You know how easy it is for hackers to get in and break your “secret code,” which it now seems is not so secret. So you’ve become smarter. Now you have all these unique passwords that you’re sure no one will ever figure out and written them all down on a piece of paper. What?? Do you really think that’s a better way to keep your information safe? Let us introduce you to LastPass.

While you may believe that piece of paper you have so casually thrown into your desk drawer may be a convenient way to access not only your passwords, but your banking information, your social insurance, and credit card numbers, and other confidential information, think again. Not only is it unprotected, but it could easily be lost, damaged, or accidentally put through the shredder. Then what?

How about an app that will store all those digital records mentioned above, plus generate long, randomized passwords that you’ll never have to memorize. With LastPass you will be able to access the information from any of your devices and can rest assured it will be private, secure, and hidden. Save a password once and you will have it at your fingertips whenever you need. It will even help to make your online shopping experiences quicker and easier by auto-filling your payment and shipping details. Additionally, LastPass will alert you if it senses that your information is at risk through its Dark Web Monitoring.

CNET lauded LastPass as “A leading password manager with a changing value proposition.” TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, and G2 have all given it high ratings, and it’s been promoted by the likes of The New York Times, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Today, and more. $24.99 will buy you a year’s worth of peace of mind. That’s just over $2 a month for a premium plan of LastPass.

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