You can save $30 on Disney Plus by signing up today before the price hike

In case you’re wondering, the ad-free annual plan offers a few extra perks, like the ability to download content so you can stream Pixar movies or Star Wars and Marvel shows without an internet connection. That could come in handy when, say, you need to keep the kids (or yourself) entertained during the long car ride back home to visit family this holiday season.

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No worries if purchasing an annual plan outright is out of your budget, though. By the look of things, the ads in the $7.99 / month plan may not be as distracting as they sound. Earlier this year, former Disney CEO Bob Chapek said the ad-supported tier will have a “lower ad load and frequency to ensure a great experience for viewers.” Plus, ads won’t run on kids profiles, either, so you won’t need to upgrade to the ad-free monthly plan if you’re subscribing to Disney Plus just for your children.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz