You can buy Sega’s Mega Drive Mini 2 Cyber Stick and get it shipped to the US

Sega may have only announced the Mega Drive Mini 2 for release in Japan so far, but there’s a pretty cool accessory for it that appears to work with PCs and can be shipped stateside. As of this writing, Amazon has the Mega Drive Mini 2 Cyber Stick controller up for preorder on its Japanese storefront, and as video game deals expert Wario64 points out (ad), the controller also ships to the US.

You’ll be able to use the Cyber Stick controller with games like After Burner II (a jet fighter game), Night Striker (where you fly an armored car to shoot baddies), and Starblade (an on-rails space shooter), according to text on Amazon’s store page run through Google Translate. Those three are among the 50 included games on the Mega Drive Mini 2, and you can catch some brief glimpses of those games and a few others in this trailer from Sega:

I’ve never played any of the three games, but my colleague Richard Lawler describes After Burner II as “an absolute classic,” even without the arcade version’s deluxe moving cabinet. So if you’re going to get the Mega Drive Mini 2, it might be worth shelling out for the Cyber Stick to maximize the experience. The controller’s Amazon page also says it supports Windows 10 and 11, so it seems like you can hook it up to your PC as well.

The controller costs 18,000 yen (which currently translates to a little over $130) and is set to release on October 27th, the same day the mini console itself is scheduled to launch.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz