Year in review: Nothing Ear (stick) to Sony Mocopi, unique gadgets of 2022

Unique gadgets bring something new to the table in terms of design, features, and utility. In the many gadgets launched this year, in 2022, there were a handful of them with something unique to boast about. From earbuds with unique lipstick-shaped charging-cum-storage case to three-in-one wireless charging stand, here are the five unique gadgets of 2022:

Nothing Ear (stick)

These earbuds from UK-based consumer technology start-up Nothing boast a transparent design and a unique charging-cum-storage case. These design-centric earbuds come in a cylindrical charging-cum-storage case with a rolling mechanism similar to conventional lipsticks. From a design perspective, both the earbuds and case look novel and unique. Other features include press control, IP54 dust and water resistance, and Nothing X supplementary app for compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

Price: 8,499

Belkin BoostCharge

It is a power bank that doubles up as a portable battery pack, especially for MagSafe compatible iPhones. It attaches magnetically to the back of a compatible iPhone – iPhone 12 and above models with MagSafe. With a 2,500mAh battery built-in, this power bank has a USB-C port for charging and reverse wired charging. It features a power button next to the LED indicator to show the charger level. It also doubles as a traditional Qi charger, meaning it can charge AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, and any other device that supports Qi standard for wireless charging.

Price: Rs 4,499

Sony Mocopi

Japanese electronics maker Sony in November unveiled a set of wearable motion trackers called ‘Mocopi’. It allows users to capture full-body motion in 3D with only a smartphone and the six sensors, which are to be worn on hands, feet, back and head. Sony does not have a Metaverse of its own, but with the Mocopi system, it is expanding the technology to experience Metaverse. The device is wireless and does not require a special suit to capture motion.

Sony LinkBuds wireless earphones

Sony LinkBuds are unique doughnut-shaped wireless earbuds. These have a ring design with hollow center, which allows the ear canal to remain unblocked even when the user is wearing the earphones. The open-ring design ensures that the user is always aware of his surroundings even while listening to the music. Unlike other earbuds, it boasts a wide area tap feature, allowing the user to tap on the front of the ears.

Price: Rs 19,990

DailyObjects SURGE 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

It is a charging stand, which can charge three different devices simultaneously – smartphone, smartwatch and earbuds. This charging station delivers an output of up to 18 W for all Qi-enabled phones, 5W for Qi-enabled earbuds and 2W for Watches. It has a metallic body with minimalistic design.

Price: Rs 4,999

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz