Xiaomi commits to 3 key Android OS updates on pick devices but there is a catch

Xiaomi’s next worldwide hardware occasion is set for September 14. It is anticipated to take the wraps off the Mi 11T series. There could be other surprises. Ahead of D-day, Xiaomi has made a different announcement and a major one at that. Like Samsung and Google (and OnePlus and Vivo and HMD Global), Xiaomi will also supply 3 key Android OS updates (and 4 years of safety patches) for pick devices. Previously, this was restricted to two key Android updates.

There is a catch even though. For now, this extended computer software assistance will be restricted to the upcoming Mi 11T series only with the enterprise “currently evaluating the possibility of bringing the extended Android system and security upgrades services to more Xiaomi devices.” There is no word or clarity on if (and when) current and future Xiaomi devices, like these below its Redmi (and Poco) portfolio will get the exact same level of computer software assistance.

“With the continuous improvement made to smartphone hardware, the life cycle of a smartphone is gradually lengthening, meaning users aren’t required to replace their smartphones as frequently,” Xiaomi’s head of Product &amp Technology stated, adding that upon getting extended assistance, “users’ can choose to use their current devices for a longer period, and enjoy the latest features along with it.”

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This is a tactic somewhat comparable to what HMD Global is performing with its Nokia X-series phones and other pick models. Vivo requires this a notch larger by roping all upcoming premium X-Series models launched following July 2021 in its extended assistance cycle.

Samsung guidelines the roost when it comes to supporting the widest variety of Galaxy smartphones and tablets with 3 years of Android OS updates. It is exciting to see Samsung extending computer software assistance to even its mid-variety Galaxy A line-up of phones and not limiting it to its prime-of-the-line solutions.

That stated, there’s an ongoing debate about the world that OEMs ought to do even more. The European Union has proposed that all corporations need to supply up to 5 years of safety updates for their devices. That’s not to say that this is not taking place currently. Apple provides an upwards of 4 years of key updates, at least, to all its iPhones. iOS 15, which is the most recent version of iOS anticipated to be rolled out of beta in the coming weeks, is getting provided to iPhones as old as the iPhone 6s.

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For what it is worth, corporations like Samsung are upping their game when it comes to computer software and it is good to see other individuals adhere to. Hopefully, Xiaomi will go on to supply small more clarity on all this quickly. With it being the quantity one smartphone brand in markets like India, expectations are often sky-higher from the enterprise.

We nonetheless do not know if Xiaomi will launch the Mi 11T series in India, but be sure to watch this space for our complete coverage on all Mi 11T and Mi 11T Pro announcements in the days to come.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz