Xiaomi becomes world’s leading wearable band brand, Apple guidelines roost in wristwatch marketplace: Report

Xiaomi has beaten Apple to develop into the world’s leading wearable brand throughout the second quarter of 2021, Canalys information showed.

Xiaomi’s powerful second-quarter functionality came on the back of the Mi Smart Band 6 launch. The development comes as a surprise as India, one of the company’s strongholds, was missing from the Mi Smart Band 6’s worldwide launch list at the commence. The Chinese vendor shipped 8. million units in Q2, registering a 2.6 per cent annual development. Its marketplace share of 19.6 per cent was marginally larger than the 19.3 per cent for Apple, which shipped 7.9 million units.

Huawei remained in third spot, mainly due to sales in China. It sold 3.7 million units for a 9.2 per cent share of the marketplace. The leading 5 was rounded off by Fitbit and Samsung, with 3. million and 2.5 million shipments for a marketplace share of 7.3 per cent and 6.1 per cent, respectively.

Canalys Research Analyst Cynthia Chen mentioned: “Xiaomi made a wise move to hasten the release of the Mi Band 6, which is a more compelling device than its predecessor”

“Xiaomi’s quick pivot to basic watches also helped the company boost its wristwatch shipments by 1.3 million units this quarter.”

Apple, on the other hand, continues to be the worldwide marketplace leader for wristwatches with a 31.1 per cent share in Q2. The wristwatch segment could be in for a churn in the next handful of quarters just after Samsung joined hands with Google for the development of Wear OS 3. Samsung is also having prepared to launch the Galaxy Watch4 series that will come with a 5nm chipset and biosensors. The likes of Oppo and Huami (Zepp) are also building in-home elements for their watches.

According to information from the investigation firm, the worldwide wearable band marketplace recorded a 5.6 per cent on-year development to 40.9 million units throughout Q2. Shipment of fundamental bands continued into the quarter, down 23.8 per cent at 15.5 million units.

However, the development of wristwatches has cushioned the decline of fundamental band shipments, which started in the fourth quarter of 2020. Basic and smartwatch shipments rose 37.9 per cent to 25.4 million throughout Q2. Wristwatches now make up 62 per cent of all worldwide wearable bands.

Canalys expects wristwatches to drive the wearable band category for years.

Canalys Research Manager Jason Low mentioned: “Vendors are attempting to make a big generational leap in smartwatch technologies. To stand out, they are improving the fundamentals, such as user experience and battery life, creating their own distinct UIs and leveraging their respective ecosystems to draw out new and unique use cases.”

“But health tracking is the most prominent use case for smartwatches. The ability to deliver cutting-edge health-tracking features and to offer users meaningful data and actionable health insights will set winners and losers apart.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz