Wrap up Transform 2022 with a full day of edge & IoT insights

Transform 2022 comes to a close with a bang. It’s the last day of the conference, and the last day of the AI & Edge week. Join leaders from HTC Vive, Microsoft, John Deere, Xoox and sponsor Lumen as they talk about edge — what it really is, how it really works — and how it’s helping usher in a new digital age.

Here’s a closer look at the day’s panels.

The AI & Edge Week: Edge & IoT

The day starts by cutting through the hype. The term “edge” is overused and misused; Adeel Omer, VP, product marketing and analyst relations at Lumen, clears away the confusion with a look at what edge really means — and what it can do for your company in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

At 9:10 a.m. PDT, don’t miss the day’s keynote. Omer digs into the evolution of Web3. He’ll talk about the essential characteristics of Web3, from the democratization of the web to digital assets. Plus, you’ll learn how edge computing drives platforms that converge the needs of IT, ops and developers, the essential technology considerations for businesses as we move into a Web3 world and more.

Autonomous vehicles take center stage at 9:30 a.m. Kai Wang, director of prediction at Zoox, will talk about why data from the edge is key to autonomous vehicle AI that can recognize danger and respond far more quickly and accurately than a human. You’ll learn not only about about the data and models changing the autonomous vehicle industry, but how it can apply to AI across industries.

At 9:50 a.m., a Fireside Chat features Ganesh Jayaram, chief information officer at John Deere. VentureBeat CEO Matt Marshall sits down with Jayaram to talk about how edge AI and tech stack modernization is changing today’s manufacturing industry, driving never-before-seen safety, innovation and digital transformation.

At 11:10 a.m., it’s storytime! Dan O’Brien, GM Americas at HTC VIVE, and Rick Lievano, worldwide director of industry technology strategy at Microsoft Corporation, join leaders from Lumen to discuss how high-performance networking is accelerating innovation across hardware, software and service sectors. They’ll talk about real case studies from inside their own technology strategies, what the future holds and more.

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