Wonder Works’ Pooh! wants to stuff you into a honey pot

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Wonder Works, creators of popular Roblox game Overlook RP, is releasing their new offering just in time for Halloween. Pooh! is a horror take on A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh. The first of Milne’s books entered public domain earlier this year, inspiring a few new takes on the classic.

In the game, players attempt to escape Pooh as he hunts them through a spooky asylum. You have a flashlight, but it makes it easier for Pooh to find you. Trust me, you don’t want Pooh to find you. Unless you like getting stuffed into honey pots.

The flashlight is great, but it makes it easier for Pooh to find you.

Designed with high-fidelity graphics, lighting, and sound, Pooh seems to have higher production value than what you’d typically expect for a Roblox game. For horror, the experience becomes scarier the closer to realistic one can get. For instance, few things are scarier than a realistic-looking Pooh trying to shove you into a honey pot.

Image1 2
Oh bother.

Pooh! launches October 28 for Roblox and features cross-play for your friends on different hardware. For those who want to live the murderous Pooh lifestyle, toy company YouTooz is releasing a collectible figurine to commemorate the launch.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz