Wireless Earphones: Freedom from wires

Let’s be honest, whether it is for work or play, we have a disdain for wires simply because they tend to restrict our movement. No wonder, wireless earphones are now an essential part of modern life. These handy devices are gradually becoming everyone’s favourite devices, thanks to the portability and comfort they come along with. We pick two such offerings that sound and look stylish, are a great option for the fashion-conscious, and the best part, they do not cost a bomb.

KDM W4 AirTwist Ear Pods (Rs 1999)
KDM W4 AirTwist Ear Pods come with sensor technology for crisp, clear calls and other features including battery life of up to 20 hours and active noise isolation. They also offer features such as hands-free calling, noise isolation and all-day battery life on a single charge via the USB Type-C port. Priced at Rs 1,999.

AXL Alpha True Wireless Earbuds (Rs 1,199)
Then, there’s AXL Alpha True Wireless earbuds. These come with a price tag of Rs 1,199. The new earbuds are controlled by a remarkable 8mm powerful driver. Furthermore, it has a 300mAh battery that gives you five hours of playback time, five hours of talk time, and 15 hours of absolute recess with the charging case. The device can be used on Android and Apple iOS frameworks.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz